Europa Cuisson confirms success of adaptive breast filleting

Polish processing plant installs the first AMF-i in Poland


Poland is the EU’s leading producer of broiler meat. The first Polish AMF breast filleting system was commissioned some 17 years ago. At the end of 2018, close to 50 systems were in everyday operation in the market, making the AMF Poland’s most popular system for deboning broiler breasts. It came as no surprise that Poland’s first intelligent adaptive AMF-i system was destined for Europa Cuisson’s brand-new Polish cutting and deboning plant!

A truly unique feature of the AMF-i is its ability to size each breast cap. PLC controls then automatically adjust key processing modules for each cap. AMF-i can therefore be fed with uncalibrated breast caps with no risk of compromising meat yield or quality. The system can consist of up to eleven processing modules including automatic keel ribbon and cartilage harvesters.

RevoPortioner leads to greater things

Juan Mate, CEO of Europa Cuisson, comments, “Our philosophy is to control all stages of the production process. We therefore decided to set up our own integrated broiler operation in the EU and chose Poland. We operate from a 12 hectare [30 acre] site there which also includes a cooking plant. All the broilers we process are deboned into thigh meat and breast fillet, which we then cook at our plants in Belgium and Poland.” Juan Mate continues; “We had already bought a RevoPortioner for our formed products line at Marquain. We are so happy with its performance that we will be buying a second. Our experience with RevoPortioner and Marel’s reputation for innovative, high quality processing equipment led us to order Marel Poultry cut-up and deboning systems for our Polish factory.”

Just as it comes

The Polish plant, which cuts some 15,000 kg [33,069 lbs] per hour, has a single ACM-NT cut-up line, a whole leg deboning line and an AMF-i breast filleting system. Juan Mate is delighted with the system, “We do not have to calibrate breast caps. We load everything just as it comes. Yields are consistently excellent as is meat quality. There is hardly any meat left on the bone and virtually no residual bone in the meat.”

The PLC brain

PLC controls are the brain behind the system’s intelligent adaptive process. Two key modules illustrate this unique feature. The cam-controlled wishbone remover has two settings for larger and smaller breast caps, ensuring minimal meat loss and virtually no bone contamination. The halving module is another example of how AMF-i’s adaptive intelligence maximizes yield and product quality. The two blades which cut either side of the keel bone adjust automatically for each cap to give exactly the right distance between them. This results in perfect halving every time.

Get the maximum

“My staff finds AMF-i easy to operate. This is done from a convenient touch screen on the AMF-i. Recipes are easy to set up. The system then runs itself. We are also very happy with Marel Poultry’s technical support and really appreciate the ongoing training offered to our operators. Marel Poultry is as keen as I am that we always get the maximum from our AMF-i,” says Mate on the operation of the system.

A true partner

Marel Poultry and Europa Cuisson share the same values; quality, innovation and service resulting in satisfied customers when their expectations are met with high quality products. Juan Mate concludes, “Marel Poultry is more than a supplier to us. It is a true partner with a lot of experience and with unique technology.”

About Europa Cuisson

Europa Cuisson was founded in 1990 by the Mate brothers. It is now one of the EU’s leading suppliers of cooked poultry meat products to the food industry and catering sectors. The company has state-of-the-art cooking plants in Belgium and in Poland. Both are BRC and Halal certified. Europa Cuisson produces a wide range of steamed, roasted, fried, flavored and formed breaded products made from various broiler meat cuts. They also market cooked items made from duck and turkey meat. Products sold both under its own brand and under private labels are available in vacuum, controlled atmosphere and IQF packs.

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