Skinning Whitefish


Gentle and effective fish skinning

With our extensive portfolio of fish skinning machines, a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish can be skinned with excellent results. The Marel fish skinner range covers everything from manual fish skinning machines to automatic conveyorized skinners that can process several tons of fillets per day. To ensure that your yield is right, the valuable meat stays where it brings profit: namely on the fillet!

Our whitefish skinners are suitable for removing the skin from many common species, including flounder, cod, sole, catfish, tilapia, squid and many more. Each fish species has specific characteristics that must be considered for optimal skinning results. To get the best out of your fillets, take advantage of the expertise of our fish skinning specialists and get advice on which Marel skinning machine and process is right for your individual application.

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