A new derinder with the focus on industry

A Skin Skinning Machine Infeed

At IFFA 2022, Marel presented the A-Skin, the first jointly developed automatic derinding skinner combining the strengths and advantages of the two leading brands acquired by Marel, MAJA and Townsend.

The new A-Skin: the best of decades of experience

Those looking for a new derinder for their cutting operations will initially base their selection on typical performance characteristics, such as the highest possible throughput, yield, and derinding quality. These parameters will significantly determine the profitability of the investment. The goal is to minimize cost-intensive additional quality control and rectification work. There are small differences in the derinding technology used by the leading skinner brands to achieve top industrial derinding results. In principle, however, the systems are fairly mature, so that unique selling points are mainly to be found in logistical aspects. If for example the derinder has to be adapted to conditions on site and integrated into lines as flexibly as possible.

A modular platform for increased flexibility

The A-Skin has been designed as a modular platform for mid-sized processors as well as companies looking for a flexible derinding solution that can handle the highest throughputs in an industrial environment. Unique optional features, such as a bypass function and a swiveling cleaning system for the infeed and outfeed conveyors, allow the machine to be used extremely flexibly with unequalled ease of maintenance and hygiene. As the standard version of the A-Skin works without compressed air, it also scores points for low operating costs and high energy efficiency.

Wide range of applications

The A-Skin is available in three cutting widths and is suitable for the fully automatic derinding of all fresh pork cuts, e.g. belly/belly dewlap, back and neck fat, cheek, shoulder, ham without topside, etc.

The A-Skin offers extensive configuration possibilities allowing adaptation to individual customer requirements. Height-adjustable belts in different lengths, various underframe options and automated solutions for rind removal are just some of the possible features.

The knife holder has a practical quick-release fastener that brings the knife into position and fixes it in place without the need for tools. It also remains permanently in the machine and is merely placed in a service position for blade changes and cleaning purposes. All this enables quick changeover and minimizes downtime.

Unique bypass function: product flow without derinding

For many deboning lines, it is advantageous for process flow if cuts not intended for derinding can still pass through the line. With the bypass option, these cuts can pass through the machine without being derinded. Here, the A-Skin acts only as a transport device saving production space and high costs for additional belt systems. Changeover is automatic at the push of a button and requires no further action. A compressed air connection must, however, be added.

The swiveling cleaning mechanism for infeed and outfeed belts

The special design of the folding and swiveling infeed and outfeed belts improves ergonomics and makes cleaning the machine much easier. Swing-out belts remain on the machine and are freely accessible. No tools are needed. This allows optimum and efficient cleaning of all modular link and plastic belts and the belt frame. Manual removal of the individual belts is no longer necessary.


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