Dynamic filleting expands fish processing capabilities

The Curio Filleting Machine C-2011 ensures your flexibility to handle current and future fish filleting needs

Operator Feeds Fish Into Curio Filleting Platform

The unparalleled Curio Filleting Machine makes switching whitefish species and sizes easy with its flexible and unique filleting system

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Market circumstances change, consumer demand shifts, and the Curio Filleting Machine is the long-term investment you can rely on to safeguard your current and future fish processing needs, thanks to its wide range of filleting capabilities.

Since its founding in 2008, Curio has specialized in innovative heading, filleting and skinning solutions for the fish industry. Among their lineup of innovative primary fish processing solutions is the Curio Filleting Machine C2011 —an incredibly dynamic filleting system that delivers a high and consistent yield, and offers never before seen flexibility for utilization.

Curio Filleting Machine Product Video Screen Shot

Securing your current and future filleting needs

The Curio Filleting Machine has the unique capability of processing a wide variety of fish species and sizes ranging from 400g to 16kg. Based around a single design concept, it was carefully designed and subsequently produced with a clear focus on ease of adjustment, cleaning and maintenance, resulting in a low cost of ownership.

Its simple and robust design fits easily onto fishing vessels as well as in fish processing lines onshore. A Curio Filleting Machine was installed onboard Royal Greenland’s Sisimiut trawler over two years ago, mainly running cod but also saithe and haddock. Trondur Trondesen, Maintenance Chief, has said of the C-2011: “I have been working with filleting machines for over 30 years, and this machine is fantastic!”

With three standard frame models and two extended frame models sharing 95% of the same components, you can count on the Curio Filleting Machine to easily grow and adapt with your business. The conversion kits allow you to expand your machine’s size range capabilities ensuring your investment will continue to be productive in the future.

Operator feeds fish into Curio Filleting Platform

Partners in innovation

Curio has provided customers across Europe with innovative primary processing solutions since its founding. In January 2022, Marel completed the acquisition and joined forces with Curio becoming a full-line provider for the whitefish industry.

To learn more about the Curio Filleting Machine, visit our product page.

Fish fillets exits the Curio Filleting Platform

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