I-Cut 360: Versatile anatomic portion cutting without crust freezing

“Tell us what you need to cut”

I Cut 360 Pork Loin Cutting

In an industry that calls for outstanding yield and more varied red meat products, the perfect portion cutter must be exceptionally flexible and efficient. Rising to these challenges, the new I-Cut 360 is a revolutionary solution for retail and foodservice processors looking for intelligent, versatile anatomic portion cutting for beef and pork.

I-Cut 360 thin portion cutting

Designed with medium- to high-volume processors in mind, its innovative approach not only boosts your product diversity but also elevates the overall quality of your offerings. With the I-Cut 360, you can provide the delicious and convenient cuts of meat your customers desire.

Ultra-thin meat slice without crust freezing

One standout feature of the I-Cut 360 is its ability to slice weight controlled portions as thin as 3 mm, without crust freezing. This eliminates the need to invest in costly freezing technology to produce valuable thin portions. However, as a highly flexible solution, the I-Cut 360 allows raw materials to be crust frozen if preferred.

Thin red meat slices are in high demand among consumers, who are increasingly seeking convenience and value for money.

Thin portions allow consumers to get more servings from each cut of meat and cook quicker, meeting the need for both economy and speed.

Johan Enevoldsen
Manager of Product Management, Marel

I-Cut 360 thin portion cutter

Improves meat product diversity

The I-Cut 360 has a large operational window, offering great versatility and easy handling of fresh or crust-frozen raw materials. It delivers single portions, shingled batches and roasts in whatever combination you need, including:

  • Very thin portions down to 3 mm (weight controlled if required)
  • Single portions or shingled batches
  • Slices for schnitzels, pork chops or pork belly
  • Prime steaks
  • Minute steaks
  • Roasts

As Enevoldsen puts it, “Our motto for the I-Cut 360 is simple: ‘Tell us what you need to cut and we can do it.’” Moreover, the I-Cut 360 delivers the highest quality portions. “We’ve heard from customers that the cut quality is as nice as hand-cutting due to the rotating blades,” Enevoldsen explains.

Makes work easier and saves time

The I-Cut 360 is designed to be extremely operator-friendly, boosting throughput while improving working conditions and minimizing downtime. Its innovative horizontal raw material loading, coupled with adjustable infeed height, streamline the work process, making it simpler, safer, and more efficient for your team. Infeed can be done manually at the machine or be delivered automatically from upstream processes. Together, these factors add up to high throughput while saving time and labor.

I-Cut 360 Portion cutter

Maximum efficiency with Innova software

The I-Cut 360 can be connected to Innova Food Processing Software, which provides valuable real-time insights from data to help you achieve optimal yield. Innova simplifies product changeover, streamlines maintenance and servicing, and makes it easy to create different end products out of the same raw materials.

Marel is the market leader in portion-cutting solutions

With the most extensive portion-cutting portfolio on the market, Marel has just the right solution to meet your needs. Starting with your desired end-products, we work with you to define a solution that not only creates optimum value but also ensures you are best placed to respond to changing market conditions. Our advanced portion cutters can help you improve not only your cutting technology, but also value-adding followup processes, such as sorting and batching, flattening, coating, and tray loading and packaging.

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