Marel strengthens regional presence to go beyond solution delivery

Brazil Progress Point Location

With state-of-the-art technology, the company inaugurates a demonstration center in Campinas (SP) to bring customers from Latin America closer together and foster a learning environment, combing on-site and online presentations.

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As a global reference in the supply of poultry, meat, and fish processing, Marel has been in Brazil since 2002 and, throughout the years, has been enhancing itself to keep up with the fast-changing market. Due to this strategic approach, in 2019, the company implemented a program to strengthen its global presence and be closer to its customers. And this plan included projects in Latin America.

The kick-start for this work began with the expansion of the team's training, says Clausius Nóbrega, Marel's Regional Director for Latin America, as the knowledge was very much based on European models. And from then on, several actions were created with the purpose of expanding the company's participation in the region, including stronger marketing, product, and process specialists, and later on, the creation of Progress Point Latin America, a demonstration center with global company references and learnings (Copenhagen/Denmark; Boxmeer/Netherlands; Kansas and Des Moines/North America).

On July 22nd of this year, this project became real and was inaugurated by the company. Located at Parque Corporativo Bresco Viracopos, in Campinas (SP), and with 4,700 m², the new facility was a strategic decision of the company for bringing together quality, flexibility, and sustainability in the site. According to Clausius, besides being close to one of the main airports in the country, Progress Point offers a modern infrastructure and allows the expansion of Marel. "Latin America is a region of contrasts, and our commitment is to change the food industry by making it more sustainable and affordable. And that includes support for small, medium, and large processors,” he says.

In addition to the demonstration center, the new facilities have a factory and a regional office –previously based in Piracicaba (SP) – and will work as a hub that will connect customers in the region, allowing integrated presentations of solutions in an on-site or online setting. "We have a variety of options to deliver this support to our customer either on-site or online, or a combination of both. At the same time, we are integrated with the Marel community and the hub will shorten the distance, working as a very democratic environment in terms of information," explains Clausius.

Brazil Progress Point

From this ecosystem, it will be possible to explore and acquire new knowledge, while using tools according to the customers' needs. As the Regional Director points out, the Progress Point consists of state-of-the-art equipment, which simulates realistic conditions and allows the testing and development of new products. “The temperature of the site is controlled. We can have chilled and frozen temperatures to simulate our customers' production conditions. Furthermore, the new facility allows us to show one or more pieces of equipment or solutions to the customer in an integrated approach – a more efficient way than a door-to-door demonstration", he emphasizes, and continues: "This project is part of a digital revolution, it democratizes information and allows us to have the flexibility to meet the most different needs and project formats that the customer demands".

And in addition to the large demonstration areas – wet and dry –, the hub also accommodates spaces for conferences, meetings, dinners, and networking events, and offers tailored training for customers.

Great expectations

When asked about the company's next steps, Clausius was emphatic: "Our expectation is to increasingly accelerate this growth in the region". According to the director, the goal is to grow three times more, and for this to happen, people and innovation will be essential in this expansion.

In the field of innovation, about 6% of the company's revenue is reinvested in this area, a commitment that has led the company to stand out in the market due to safe, sustainable solutions that bring benefits to customers.

Our role is to help the industry with technologies that mitigate some challenges, such as finite resources and waste. How can we use less water? Less energy? Generate less waste? We can help by making the industry a more traceable, digital, and efficient environment that is committed to animal welfare. This is our mission.


Clausius Nóbrega
Regional Director for Latin America

Going beyond the delivery of solutions, Marel is driven by a passion to meet the growing demand for quality protein by creating innovative technologies that benefit the world's population. And for Clausius, this new moment for the company is a reflection of the company's values, which added to innovation and excellence, have raised the company's performance and its recognition globally. "Therefore, every aspect of this inauguration, the way it was designed, reflects that. We want to share our home with our customers and have them feel that all of this is designed to support them. Let's change together and make it happen. And, for this reason, we have great expectations from now on”, concludes the Regional Director.

Every aspect of this inauguration reflects our values. We want to share our home with our customers and have them feel that all of this is designed to support them.

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