Salmon processing just got smarter

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Three new products for salmon processing will be released for sale at Marel’s Salmon ShowHow in Copenhagen next week, 6 February.

The three products serve very distinct purposes, but all are examples of how Marel is leading the way in smarter processing solutions for the seafood industry.

Steady infeed for filleting lines

One of the filleting solutions Marel is demonstrating in Copenhagen features the PaceInfeeder – an optimized infeed system designed for the automatic fixed-pace infeed of deheaded fish to the MS 2730 Filleting Machine, resulting in higher filleting quality and reduced labor costs.

The PaceInfeeder is a valuable addition to Marel’s industry-leading filleting solutions that deliver superior filleting with optimum yield. The MS 2730 Filleting Machine also offers automatic back and belly trim, to reduce the need for manual trimming, and automatically adjusts to various fish sizes.

Marel Qc Scanner

Quality scanning to boost quality

By scanning fillets after trimming or skinning—registering volume, color, melanin spots, blood spots, trimming defects, skinning defects and brown meat—salmon processors can sort the fillets downstream and better control the quality and size of each fillet.

Several Quality Scanners will be in the demo hall, showing various applications, such as integrated QC in a portion cutting line. This concept is designed to enable better-portioning decisions and spotless products by having the QC Scanner tell the I-Cut 130 PortionCutter exactly where to place the cuts.

FleXicut image

High-yield pinbone removal and portioning

FleXicut Salmon cuts the pinbones from pre-rigor salmon fillets. It uses X-ray vision to locate the bones and ensures minimum yield loss by adjusting the water-jet cutting angle to remove bones according to their precise location each time.

The machine also expands future processing opportunities by using both water-jet cutters and knives to portion the salmon. A simple user interface makes it quick and easy to change programs.

FleXicut was originally designed for whitefish applications and has revolutionized the nature of whitefish processing since it was introduced in 2014.

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