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Our customers explain how our products, solutions and services are making a difference to their processing results and how they imagine the future of salmon processing.

Our customers in the salmon industry know the advantages of high quality salmon processing equipment and software better than anyone, so we routinely ask them how our products, solutions and services are making a difference to their processing results, and how they imagine the future of salmon processing.

Here are some of their answers from the past year.

Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon

It’s a robust system and provides us real-time production management and a powerful tool for maintaining traceability from our salmon farms to dispatch orders. We can monitor production performance in real time and make any changes on the go. It helps us improve throughput and reduce giveaway, and it gives us live production control.

Brent Keelty
plant manager at Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon use Innova for receiving fish from farms to the factory and into production. They use Innova for order control and different stages of inventory management, as well as for weighing, labeling and packing of finished goods all the way through to the dispatch processes. The company operates a range of Marel advanced processing equipment in conjunction with Innova for their grading, portioning and slicing operations.

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Australis Seafoods

The reliability of Marel equipment has always been a key advantage. Now Marel has also greatly enhanced its after-sales service, with strong support staff that really know how to maintain the equipment, and that level of security is of great value to us.

Gerardo Crot
Processing Manager at Australis Seafoods

Everything they do at Australis Seafoods is done through Innova: from setting up systems or changing programs, to generating reports and monitoring and controlling work stations. With Innova, they have gained complete control of the value chain and the ability to demonstrate the efficiency and traceability of the process.

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Vega Salmon

Vega Salmon

Marel has a great deal of knowledge and special competences about the machines. The more in-house knowledge we can gain, the better we can handle the machines.

Rasmus Graversen
Head of Operation at Vega Salmon

Marel’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Vega Salmon provides the salmon producer with a system for equipment maintenance, including a plan that outlines the service for every unit, the spare parts needed for stock supply, and the support Marel will provide. This proactive approach reduces the risk of breakdowns and the consequent loss of valuable production time.

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More than the increase in throughput, the main improvement was the increased process efficiency. The combination of these elements made the payback time very fast: we practically recovered the investment in a couple of months.

Gonzalo Acevedo
Processing Manager of Ventisqueros

Marel's Custom Grader has increased throughput and reliability for the final target weight in the box packing process at the Ventisqueros salmon processing facility in Chile. Marel products at the facility include packing lines, graders, scales and Innova Food Processing Software.

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Multiexport Foods


We require reliable equipment without major stoppages, which is resistant and robust, simple to operate with an efficient maintenance service, and a lasting supplier-client relationship based on new technology and close ties – and we can achieve all this with Marel.

Claudio Vera
Operations and Plant Manager at Multiexport Foods

Multiexport Foods’ two processing plants—Smoked and Fresh Frozen—are among the most modern and efficient in Chile. The company has greatly improved salmon pinbone removal efficiency with Marel pinboning lines.

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Australis Mar

Being here, it’s a unique opportunity to experience Innova in the context of this event, with the full range of equipment under one roof. It helps you appreciate the benefits of having all the data in one system. With Innova, the data is correct, available and visible in real time.

Patricia Ruiz
IT Manager at Australis Mar

Many visitors to the annual Salmon ShowHow step into the virtual Innova office at the event to experience directly how Innova Food Processing Software can add further value to their production. Patricia Ruiz was attending the ShowHow for the first time in 2017 when she made these comments.

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