MAJA RVH-F Flake Ice Machine

For integration in sustainable refrigeration solutions

  • Hygiene concept for food-safe flake ice production
  • Compatible with heat transfer refrigeration systems
  • Compact and space-saving flake ice machine
  • Wide range of customized accessories and options


The flake ice machines MAJA RVH-F's rotating heat exchangers without condensing unit are designed for connection to an existing heat transfer medium circuit. This is an excellent flake ice solution for ecological and sustainable refrigeration projects.

Hygienic, food-safe ice production

MAJA flake ice machines are labeled HY-GEN protected. This stands for excellent sanitary conditions:

  • Easy access to cleaning relevant parts from all sides without the use of tools
  • Easily removable, round plastic water tank
  • Water tank without built-in parts, angles, edges and screws allow for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Automatic water pipe rinsing after 24 hours without ice production
  • Special hygiene advantages in accordance with the German drinking water regulations


  • For connection to an existing external heat transfer medium circuit by fluid, such as water-glycol mixture. An ecological and future-proof alternative to traditional refrigerants
  • Eco-friendly flake ice production with no influence on the destruction of the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect:
    • Ozone depletion potential ODP=0
    • Global warming potential GWP=0
    • Installation conditions: temperature of heat transfer fluid
      • tIN approximately -25°C
      • tOUT approximately -22°C

Easy operation – convenient ice handling

  • Easy operation by control panel standard with START and STOP buttons for ice production
  • AUTO-CLEAN button for the start of automatic evaporator self-cleaning system (only if option MAJA-SCS is installed)
  • WATER button for drain water outlet
  • TEST button for automatic control if all machine parts are ready for operation after manual cleaning
  • Control panels with program functions are optional
  • Reliable SPS control unit
  • Solid machine structure with frame and housing in stainless steel


Patented fully automatic self-cleaning system the MAJA-SCS saves time and optimizes hygiene safety by automating the cleaning process.

Control Panel Timer with timer function allows for freely programmable ice production and cleaning cycles. 

Ozone degermination system has optimal hygiene conditions already in the water inlet.

Wide range of accessories and options allow individual machine installation including subframes, consoles for wall fixation, chutes, ice level sensors, ice transport and storage solutions, flake ice silos and ice batching solutions.


Preventive maintenance can detect system wear and imminent malfunctions at an early stage. 

By checking and regulating system parameters, the operational reliability of your flake ice machine is increased and the energy-efficient operation of the refrigeration system is supported.

A regular check of the safety equipment ensures smooth operation of the system and protects against malfunctions in good time.

Cleaning the condenser ensures greater operational safety.

Cleaning the condenser helps to save energy. Condensers that are dirty can result in up to 10% higher energy consumption!

The optimally adjusted refrigerant charge quantity is the basis for a safe operation of your flake ice machine with high efficiency.


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