Manual evisceration

Hand tools and powered tools ease the process

  • Hand tools (specific scissors, knives) for eviscerating operations
  • Pneumatic tools for a faster process
  • Remove vent and bursa fabricii with a vent gun
  • Remove residues with a lung gun


In processing plants handling 500 up to 1,000 bph, birds can be eviscerated by hand. A range of hand tools is available for this, with the option to apply powered tools.

Manual tools

Many operations in the evisceration department require specific hand tools, such as knives, scissors and shears.
A pair of opening scissors with a round pin on top is used to cut open the abdominal cavity. First, the ball point is inserted in the vent to avoid damage to the large intestine. Then the cut can be applied.  By using a specific vent knife, the product can be ‘pre-opened’, cutting loose the vent and bursa fabricii. The actual manual evisceration is done with a typical eviscerating fork, which enables an easy removal of intestines from the abdominal cavity.

Vent gun

Removing vent and bursa fabricii is the very first operation in the evisceration line. Instead of doing this manually, Marel’s pneumatic vent gun allows you to remove the vent simply, quickly, and effectively, after which an opening cut can be made using scissors. The centering pin is pushed into the vent, which is pulled taut with a vacuum. The vacuum also ensures that the intestines are sucked clean, which reduces the risk of contamination. A rotating blade then cuts round the vent and pulls it and a part of the intestine out of the bird, without, however, breaking the intestine. The blade stops rotating, and the vacuum is cut off.

The vent with the end of the intestine remains hanging over the back of the bird. Finally, both blade and centering pin are cleaned automatically.

The complete installation consists of a vent gun including spring suspension, hoses and blade, a vacuum pump including pipework and a collection tank/pressure vessel.

Lung gun

Removing residues from the carcass to deliver a clean product is one of the last operations in the evisceration department. Marel’s pneumatic lung gun can be used to suck away remaining lungs, ovaries, kidneys and other debris from the product. A vacuum pump ensures that lungs are removed in their entirety, producing a product that is internally clean. This benefits shelf life.

The complete lung gun installation consists of a lung gun including spring suspension and hoses, a vacuum pump including pipework and a collection tank/pressure vessel.


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