Polish Washer

Swine efficient washing, removing waste and burnt hair from the carcass

  • Reduction in the consumption of gas from the burner
  • Designed to prevent the accumulation of waste inside it
  • Hygienic design to facilitate the reduction of contamination risks


The Pre-Scalding Polish Washers are developed to wash swine carcasses before the scalding process starts. For this, they remove the organic waste present in the carcass using water and rubber hammers.  

The Post-Burning Polish Washers are installed after the burner. Their function is to reduce the risks of contamination from the washing and removal of burnt hairs in the carcass, by means of water and rubber hammers. 

They are robust and highly durable equipment developed for capacities of up to 600 swine/hour.  

The Polish Washers are equipment that significantly reduces the risks of contamination of carcasses due to their hygienic design and the presence of chutes and bulkheads to prevent splashes and accumulation of waste. 


  • Robust equipment
  • Waste collection chute
  • Equipped with water sprinklers
  • Equipment with hygienicdesign
  • Bulkheads to avoid splashing on the line
  • Low maintenance cost and high reliability
  • Fully sealed to ensure a clean and moisture-free environment



Polish Washer 2 rolls - Pre-Scalding 400 


Polish Washer 3 rolls - Pre-Scalding 600 


Polish Washer 3 rolls - Pre-Scalding 6000 


Polish Washer 3 Rolls 120 


Polish Washer 4 Rolls 240 


Polish Washer 8 Rolls 460 


Polish Washer 10 Rolls 600 


Polish Dryer 3 rolls 240 


Polish Dryer 4 rolls 600 


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