Helix Drum Technology


Marel proudly presents the Helix Drum patented forming technology for the highly regarded RevoPortioner. Helix Drum Technology changes rotational intermitting low pressure forming into continuous filling.

The pressure of the meat pump is more consistent with smaller peaks. This leads to less wear and tear of the whole system, a more reliable, robust process. Most important: it enables a much higher production volume.

Higher volume RevoPortioner forming with consistent pressure

Key element of the Helix Drum Technology is the design of the RevoPortioner forming drum. A classic drum consists of a number of straight rows of product forms. In the patented Helix Drum product forms are positioned along a helix shaped line.

This diagonal pattern of forms over the surface of the drum leads to continuous filling. The pump has virtually no start-stop moments; the pressure peaks of the pump have been flattened.

The use of a diagonal pattern creates space for an additional row of forms, which leads to a profitable increase in production volume. Furthermore the RevoPortioner system experiences less wear and tear and production is—although already very smooth—even more reliable and robust. The meat flow is constant, supporting an optimum and more consistent end product.

The next step

20 years ago the Marel RevoPortioner development was a revolutionary step. High pressure forming with plates was transformed into low pressure rotational forming. It reduced the loss of raw material to almost 0%. It also enabled the production of emulsion free whole muscle poultry products.

RevoPortioner soon became the global benchmark in optimum product consistency, combining high product quality with high production volumes. During the following years several developments were launched and fully embraced by the food industry.

Now the Helix Drum Technology transforms rotational forming into continuous filling. The advantages reconfirm and strengthen RevoPortioner’s global top position. With 500 units sold, a proven track record in all proteins and the acknowledgements of al globally leading QSR certified companies, RevoPortioner is ready to take the next step in convenience food production.

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