20/02/18 Updated 03/04/19

The right time for far-reaching change

Hubers Landhendl is strong in the central European market

The Austrian poultry processor Hubers Landhendl is well established in the central European market between Munich and Milan and supplies both regular and organic products. The strong partnership between Hubers Landhendl and Marel Poultry goes back to 1997 when Hubers bought its first Stork AMF breast filleting solution.

Wolfgang Gerner and Christian Fischer, Hubers Landhendl
Wolfgang Gerner (Hubers Landhendl Plant Manager) and Christian Fischer (Hubers Managing Director Production)

The purchase of the AMF in 1997 was an important first step towards the installation of larger Stork systems in Hubers’ plants. The proven quality of the AMF was decisive when, in 2000, Hubers Landhendl invested in the major reconstruction of its Pfaffstätt broiler processing plant. At that moment, the company decided to move completely to Marel Poultry, choosing solutions such as the GP live bird handling system, killing line, evisceration line, chillling, grading line and the ACM cut-up system.


“In Marel Poultry, we have found a typical customer orientated supplier,” says Hubers Landhendl Plant Manager Wolfgang Gerner. “We are very satisfied with how Marel Poultry thinks along with us. Together, we try to find the best solution for our particular situation. Acting as a technical commercial consultant, Marel Poultry tells us honestly what the right solution is.”


In 2015, Hubers Landhendl implemented an important upgrade of the Pfaffstätt plant. All primary processing departments were equipped for handling the highest line capacities currently available. From live bird supply through to chilling, all equipment and systems were brought up to speed.

In 2017, work continued with the reconstruction of the chilling department, distribution line, rehanger, ACM cut-up line and filleting line. As the Austrian company wanted to use the most accurate weighing and grading systems available, the distribution line is now equipped with the Stork SmartWeigher and IRIS visual inspection, together with the perfect product assessment team.


Hubers’ engineers are well-known for their high level of technical skills and were able to install the complete Stork EV line by themselves. “Marel Poultry quality and the company’s first-class engineering helped make this possible,” says Hubers Production Director Christian Fischer.

“Whenever the Stork documentation specified a certain course of action, you could be sure that it was 100% correct. Everything fitted exactly as it should, without any failures or flaws.” With processing systems becoming ever more complex, Hubers’ engineers faced a further challenge when installing their IRIS inspection system.


Hubers Landhendl products find their way onto the retail market in Austria, South Germany and Switzerland. These products are whole products, fillets (mostly fixed-weight) and all those other typical chicken items usually found at food retailers and discount stores. Because of the national and European directives on Bio poultry, it made sense for Hubers Landhendl to have its own contract partners in Austria and South Germany for breeding the Bio broilers.

“In our central European market, between Munich and Milan, consumers are willing to pay more for Bio poultry products than in North Germany. We are picking up growth in sales and that’s why we are expanding facilities for Bio products,” says Wolfgang Gerner.

“All in all, our market is totally different from other parts of Europe. Even quality standards are higher here. Food production is being scrutinized ever more closely for safety, hygiene and quality. To keep our quality standards as high as possible and to meet customer requirements, it was only logical to invest in new solutions from Marel Poultry. The time was right for such a significant change.”


Hubers Landhendl GmbH logo The Huber Group specializes in the production of top-quality poultry. Some 900 employees generate annual revenues of more than EUR 300 million. This family company has a strong position in the Austrian and German markets.

The Huber Group comprises the Austrian leader in the poultry market, Hubers Landhendl GmbH in Pfaffstätt, Austria, the turkey specialist Süddeutsche Truthahn AG in Ampfing, Germany, as well as a hatchery and the logistics company Frisch Express in Austria.

The Huber Group is an integration working together with more than 400 partner growers. The company supplies products to the Austrian, South-German and Swiss markets. Its plants conform to all applicable national and European standards. In 2017 the Huber Group became part of the Swiss Bell Group.