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About intralogistics

In order to efficiently run a processing facility, distribution center or smart factory of any kind, it’s essential to have the right intralogistics products and solutions in place. Intralogistics is how organizations optimize, integrate, automate, store and manage the flow of crated goods within a facility.

Our primary focus is on the food processing industry—where automation is key and where tremendous amounts of raw material and end products are conveyed, moved, buffered and stored at various stages of the value chain.

Intralogistics High Speed Transport Conveyor

Products and solutions

Marel intralogistics solutions range from small conveying systems to large integrated turnkey projects. Our systems interface seamlessly with Innova software to ensure full control of the products throughout the complete processing, storage and distribution process. 

  • Conveying systems
  • Material handling systems
  • Automatic storage, retrieval and warehouse management systems
  • Order picking and labelling systems
  • Empty crate buffer systems
  • Software solutions
Project development

Project development

Ideally, introducing correct intralogistics solutions should be part of the initial design and build process of any new site, rather than a late consideration. However, we are also able to enhance and retrofit existing locations and sites, ensuring that all food processors can improve operations and increase productivity.

Marel intralogistics service solutions


Our tailored service agreements are designed to keep your production line running smoothly and at optimal capacity. We provide quality spare parts, onsite and remote support, and tailored maintenance agreements for Marel machines.

With offices in 30 countries and local experts in every region, our network of highly skilled service professionals offers peace of mind and production line efficiency.

Marel believes in local knowledge backed by global reach. Wherever you are, Marel’s intralogistics specialists are ready to help.

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