Marel solutions meet Chaohe’s strict requirements

A long-standing collaboration that pays off for both companies

Thigh Fillet System Deboner

The Chinese Chaohe Group has chosen Marel to equip its Linyi Chaohe Food processing plant in the city of Linyi, Shandong province in North-Eastern China. Marel will supply two fully automated poultry processing lines, each with a capacity of up to 15,000 bph [250 bpm].

Marel will be supplying two Nuova evisceration lines, two giblet harvesting lines, two distribution lines, four ACM-NT cut-up lines, eight AMF-i breast cap deboning lines and four Thigh Fillet Systems. After commissioning, Chaohe’s new lines will provide a processing capacity of 300,000 broilers per day. It will be one of Marel’s largest projects to date on the Chinese market and involves the highest level of automation. By installing two new high-capacity lines in the Linyi facility, The Chaohe Group will increase its total processing capacity by 30% to 800,000 broilers daily, making Chaohe one of China’s best-automated poultry breeding and processing companies.

Denver Lu And Zhang Li

Earlier automation

Earlier, in 2020, Marel had already supplied a fully automated poultry processing line with a capacity of up to 12,500 bph [208 bpm] to the Shandong Chaohe Food facility. This install included a Nuova evisceration line, a distribution line, two ACM-NT cut-up lines and four AMF-i deboning lines. Shandong Chaohe Food was the first broiler processing company in the southern Shandong province to run a fully automated production line.


When choosing automation equipment for its new Linyi plant, Chaohe Group’s requirements were even stricter than before. After much research and comparisons with other companies, Chaohe decided to continue cooperating with Marel. This was mainly because of the advanced technical solutions Marel could offer for the processing line, the excellent performance of Marel’s equipment and Marel’s good reputation in the industry. The Thigh Fillet System proved to be a particular game-changer. Chaohe management was perfectly aware of the many advantages of this state-of-the-art deboning solution, as dark meat represents a higher value than breast meat in China. This aspect convinced Chaohe that continuing to work with Marel would result in the best possible return on investment.

The new Marel lines will make our processes and operations very easy, clear and standardized.

Ms. Zhang Li
President Chaohe

Realize the upgrade

Ms. Zhang Li, president of Chaohe Group, says, “Marel’s new automated and intelligent lines in our Linyi factory will make our processes and operations very easy, clearly understandable and standardized. They will also substantially improve our facility’s internal control management and product quality. Although we will have less manual labor, our efficiency will be higher. Marel’s automated solutions can reduce processing times and boost food safety. By having control of microorganisms, we can greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination by human hands. We can now vouch for the freshness and hygiene of our products with full confidence. Marel is helping our company realize the upgrade of our process to intelligence, digitalization, automation and standardization.

Guaranteed success

Denver Lu, Regional Managing Director of Marel China, said, “Such repeat orders several years later are proof of the customer’s level of trust in our company. Chaohe management is aware that long-standing collaboration with Marel will bring them reliable, top-quality service and an easy road to success. For many years, we have provided our customers with high-quality products and services to help them grow their business. We will continue to do so.”

Chaohe Factory2

About Chaohe

The Chaohe Group is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province. It has four wholly-owned subsidiaries: Shandong Chaohe Food, Yi’nan Shuangfeng Food, Linyi Chaohe Food and Shandong Li’ming Food. Building on 16 years of development, the Chaohe Group has grown into a comprehensive enterprise, integrating the standardized breeding and processing of broilers as well as the further processing of chicken products. The company employs more than 2,500 people, processes more than 150 million broilers per year and produces more than 12,000 tons of prepared food products per year. It has an annual output value of RMB 4 billion [$ 600 million].

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