OSI Food Solutions Germany: Increasing capacity and quality

The RevoPortioner 1000 ensured this convenience food producer could increase volume while meeting the highest QSR standards

OSI Germany Successful Installation Of Revoportioner1000 low pressure forming machine

OSI Food Solutions Germany is well known for supplying one of the world’s largest QSRs. When they needed to increase production of chicken nuggets, the RevoPortioner 1000 was the only low-pressure forming machine that could meet their requirements for higher throughput with the highest levels of quality.

OSI Group has been developing innovative food concepts and solutions for the world's leading food service and retail industries for over 100 years. At their location in Duisburg, Germany, they produce 35,000 tons of chicken products per year. A RevoPortioner has been helping them do this since 2007.

When Marel began to develop the next generation RevoPortioner with a 1000 mm processing width, OSI was keen to cooperate and use this opportunity to benefit from the advantages of higher capacity low-pressure forming. The RevoPortioner 1000 builds on proven technology and combines innovative new features to offer a significant increase in volume with an unrivaled consistency in product shape and weight.

We decided to install the RevoPortioner 1000 because there are very few forming machines on the market that can meet our production requirements

Juergen Wehner
Plant Manager, OSI Food Solutions Germany

As Juergen Wehner, Plant Manager at OSI explains, “We already had a lot of experience with the RevoPortioner, using the 630 version, and knew the advantages of this low-pressure system very well. So it was a logical next step for us to cooperate with Marel on the development of the RevoPortioner 1000.”

Superior product consistency

The RevoPortioner 1000 has all the proven technology of previous generations, including the innovative  Helix Drum. The drum molds run in a diagonal line instead of a straight line, which requires less pressure for food forming and increases product consistency. Wehner explains, “It’s important to have consistent product weight and shape. With the Helix Drum, only the mold ’that’s directly under the filling slot has to be filled, which reduces the pressure on a product. If too much pressure is applied to the material, it may change the product.”

OSI And Revoportioner Helix Drum For More Consistenct Low Pressure Food Fomring

More sustainable, cost-effective food forming

Before they started using the RevoPortioner 1000, OSI used a set-up with two RevoPortioner 630s, feeding into a 1000mm belt. “The new set-up brings many advantages,” says Wehner. An essential factor for switching to the RevoPortioner 1000 was the lower space requirement. “Before, we needed two filling machines, two X-ray devices and two forming machines. Now, we can save a lot of space by having only one of each machine”, he explains. Not only has the set-up been simplified, the energy consumption has also reduced significantly, contributing to more sustainable processing. As Wehner clarifies, “Using one forming machine instead of two gives a significant reduction in energy use. This is particularly noticeable in the need for less compressed air, one of the most expensive energy types. So the less you need for forming, the better.”

The RevoPortioner 1000 achieves a significantly lower standard deviation in weight than previous machines

Juergen Wehner

Plant Manager, OSI Food Solutions Germany

A partnership for innovative low-pressure forming solutions

Convenience food processors have experienced significant benefits from the low-pressure food forming solutions that Marel has been continuously developing for more than 25 years. OSI has been involved since the very first RevoPortioner system. The RevoPortioner 1000 is the latest in a long line of successful collaborations between Marel and OSI. Wehner describes the relationship: “In my opinion, the cooperation between Marel and OSI has worked very well. Over the years, we worked with Marel to further optimize and improve the RevoPortioner and there was open communication throughout the development process. This has certainly led to great success, both for Marel and for us. We can be proud of what we have achieved together.”

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