In-line fat analysis of poultry meat with FATscan

Maximized use of raw materials with consistent quality and improved profitability

Fatscan Poultry

Poultry processors are always looking for ways to make the most value of every gram of poultry meat. That’s why more and more poultry plants install a complete MSM (Mechanically Separated Meat) department. For the production of chicken sausages, chicken patties or ground chicken, MSM meat has to meet certain qualifications, a consistent fat percentage being the most important of them. Marel’s FATscan is an excellent tool for analyzing and calculating the fat percentage of all incoming material, trimmings or ground meat.

FATscan is designed to help poultry processors deliver a uniform high quality product, while reducing their costs and time. Until now, off-line analysis methods involved a lot of manual labor, human errors, inconsistent product quality and failing traceability.

Higher profits

Now, with FATscan, poultry processors have more control of their process, products and suppliers. The in-line system can supply a consistent poultry meat product with minimum lean giveaway by controlling the process in real-time. Thanks to the maximized use of raw materials, this technology results in improved productivity and profitability. FATscan reduces the need for manual labor such as rework and therefore generates fewer human errors. It also saves cost and time while offering easier traceability.

How does it work?

FATScan accurately measures and displays the chemical lean (CL) content –the valuable component of meat– in meat trimmings, minced or diced meat. It applies a unique spectroscopy technology which emits visible and near infrared (Vis/NIR) light to penetrate deep into the meat. Sensors then capture the returned transflected light with information about the absorption behavior to make a fat/lean analysis. Based on this analysis, the poultry processor can adjust the mix of meat components to ensure the consistent fat percentage of the end product. In this way, the precise control ensures superior quality and consistency of the final product, either fresh or frozen.

“FATscan is designed to help poultry processors deliver a consistent and uniform product.”

Useful data

FATscan can analyze seven tons of meat per hour at very high accuracies. 108 times per second, FATscan scans the belt to ensure 100% inspection. Scanning the full width of the belt, it combines this data with the information from the integrated weigh cell to give real-time measurement of the entire product. The easy-to-use graphical user interface presents clear information and real-time measurement data. It enables the operator to generate, manage and export real-time reports or daily summaries with great ease. The software can be linked to the database for traceability of all relevant data.

Easy integration

Thanks to its reduced height and adjustable belt angle, FATscan can be installed after most grinders or mincers. Its compact, open and light design with a small footprint allows for easy integration into an existing production line. Low maintenance requirements and reduced energy consumption also contribute to a productive, cost-friendly operation. Surfaces can be visually inspected, quickly and easily cleaned and disinfected.


Maximized use of raw materials with consistent quality and improved profitability

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