SensorX: Your secret weapon in the fight against food contamination

Marel’s revolutionary SensorX inspection technology sets the standard in bone detection

Sensorx X Ray Inspection For Food Processors

As food producers ramp up to meet the demands of a rising global population, supplying consistently safe and affordable food remains a key challenge. Automatic bone detection has become an essential measure in high-quality protein production.

Start with superior X-ray analysis

For nearly 15 years, Marel’s revolutionary SensorX technology has been the standard in hard contaminant detection, helping processors win the battle against food contamination.

At the core of every SensorX system is Marel's industry-leading X-ray technology. It scans whole muscle and trim with unmatched accuracy to detect hard contaminants such as bone, metal and glass. SensorX can identify extremely small bone fragments with an extremely low false-positive rate.

The systems also allow processors to automate an array of time-consuming tasks and simultaneously pull valuable real-time production data, achieving greater accuracy and insight than could ever be possible manually.

In addition, SensorX significantly improves throughput and line efficiency. When BRF Thailand became the first poultry processor in the country to integrate SensorX technology in their lines, they immediately recognized the benefits.

We would need 100 checking operators to achieve the same speed as the SensorX. It’s processing about 2 tonnes (2.2 US tons) per hour, opposed to the 35 kg (77 lbs) it takes an efficient person. The quality of the finished product has also significantly improved.

Thada Chittham

General Manager Primary Processing, BRF Thailand

Consistently accurate fat analysis

Not only does SensorX X-ray technology offer the most effective way to detect bone, it’s also the most precise way to measure weight and chemical lean accurately. Our solutions monitor and manage trim to maximize yield and minimize giveaway better than any comparable system on the market.

Versatile solutions for modern processors

There is not just one SensorX. In partnership with our customers, we have continued to find applications for SensorX across the poultry, meat, fish and further processing industries. We are continually improving SensorX solutions to help food processors detect and eliminate food contaminants like bone and metal.

Superior X-ray inspection for bone and foreign material detection

SensorX for Poultry

SensorX Poultry’s advanced bone detection capabilities ensure unprecedented results when compared to other automatic bone detection systems. Using cutting-edge X-ray technology, SensorX Poultry detects potentially hazardous bone fragments and then automatically rejects them from the processing stream. This enables processors to create safer, more valuable products.

SensorX’s software not only detects difficult to find bone and other hard contaminants more accurately, it also has the lowest occurrence of false positives in the industry. This means less rework, fewer operators and improved product quality.


X-ray Bone detection and grading combined increases automatin and prevents food contaminants

SensorX SmartSort

SensorX SmartSort is a testament to the potential of X-ray technology in food production beyond foreign material detection. Combining our industry-leading bone detection intelligence with weighing and grading means one less machine for food processors and increased levels of automation to improve food safety.

After using X-ray information from SensorX to weigh the product, the compact SmartSort discharge unit prepares poultry meat for packing into a crate, box or conveyor based on the weight. French poultry processor Boscher Volailles has installed a SensorX SmartSort on two of their production lines. They rely on the system's superior bone detection and intelligent grading to generate batches for quality inspection and to divert fillets of a certain size for portioning.


SensorX Omnia for supplier monitoring for bone-free trim and Chemical Lean ratio on target

SensorX Omnia

SensorX Omnia helps red meat processors keep trim bone free and chemical lean ratio on target. The system offers the most effective way to monitor trim and ensure that suppliers deliver as promised. Processors can be sure they get what they pay for and that any batches created for further processing will always be on spec.


Marel's SensorX Magna automatically detects and rejects bone with an unprecedented low amount of raw material.

SensorX Magna

SensorX Magna allows improvements to the mixing and grinding of pork and beef trim that were previously just not possible. Unlike any other inspection system on the market, SensorX Magna combines X-ray inspection technology with a state-of-the-art rejection system to reject just 0.3 kg (1/2 lb) of meat per bone on average, compared to the previous industry standard of 10 kg (20 lbs).

It is also uniquely placed at the start of the production process to remove bone and adjust chemical lean (CL) before grinding starts. SensorX Magna monitors and controls the incoming meat supply to ensure only contaminant-free material becomes an end product ready for consumption.

Marel's SensorX Accuro detects bone and analyzes whole muscle and trim and then create batches with specific fat to lean ratio and weight targets

SensorX Accuro

SensorX Accuro intelligently creates contaminant-free batches of pork and beef trim with precise fat-to-lean ratio (CL) and weight targets. The advanced technology behind this user-friendly system ensures that every batch is precisely on target. Raw material is used in the most efficient way to optimize its value. Food manufacturers processing as little as 1,500 kg (1.6 US tons) of trimmings per hour see significant financial benefits by reducing lean giveaway and standardizing consistency.

It’s all based on customer requirements. SensorX Accuro uses a highly sophisticated grading algorithm to analyze whole muscle and trim, then batch according to predefined targets. This level of control allows processors to create more products – and more valuable products.

Marel's SensorX Fish commonly achieves a 99% detection rate on calcified bones down to 0,7mm

SensorX Fish

SensorX Fish provides bone detection capabilities that are unprecedented among automatic bone detection systems. Its advanced technology achieves more reliable and consistent results than manual inspection ever could.

Boneless products go through the system without being touched, reducing product handling and enhancing quality. In addition, SensorX Fish reduces over trimming and gives a better process overview enabling processors to offer a safer, more valuable product at a premium price.

Proven solution

Marel has been on a continual journey of innovation and development in the area of food contamination since SensorX hit the market in 2007. Our inspection systems started in poultry and have transferred their technology to meat and fish processing, quickly becoming the industry benchmark.

Industry-leading bone detection

SensorX specifically addresses common bone and hard material detection issues:

  • Significantly reduces giveaway 
  • Extremely low false-positive rate
  • Modular systems suited to multiple line arrangements
  • Capable of detecting bone, metal and glass
  • Intelligent automation with Innova Food Processing Software

Not only does investing in SensorX increase the value of your products and virtually eliminate customer claims for off-spec products, it is also a guarantee to customers that you will always supply safe, high-quality products. This helps maintain the trust of existing customers and can also be an important factor in securing new business.

Minimizing food contaminants

With more than 1,000 SensorX machines sold in over 40 countries, our versatile bone detection system is mission-critical for many of the world’s leading food processors.

Such groundbreaking technology requires thought, leadership and continuous investment. Together with our customers and partners around the globe, Marel invests around 6% of our revenue every year into innovations that make food safer and more affordable. Last year, that meant investing €73.4 million to bring more than 30 innovations online, including equipment, software and service solutions.

SensorX is just one of Marel’s many transformative innovations. And after more than 40 years of innovation, we are not slowing down.

Marel's SensorX food inspection system detects and removes bone and other food contaminants


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