Unveiling the TREIF HAWK: Advanced portion cutting for growing butcheries

An ideal solution for optimal yield and weight-accurate cutting

Treif Hawk Beef Portioning

Marel, a global leader in food processing technology, has proudly launched the TREIF HAWK portion cutter. This pioneering solution provides a unique combination of versatility, accuracy and affordability, being the only machine capable of weight-accurate cutting of bone-in and fresh products in its price range.

Treif HAWK Portion Cutter With Screen

As the newest member of the portion cutting family, the TREIF HAWK incorporates proven Marel-TREIF technology, tailored to the needs of butcheries and other suppliers seeking to expand their operations.

“We are thrilled to bring the TREIF HAWK to the market,” says Volker Pütz, Global Product Manager. “Its innovative design is truly a product of our commitment to customer-focused solutions. It enables butcheries to grow and stay competitive in an evolving industry, empowering them with improved yield, flexibility and product quality.”

Immediate growth opportunities and scalability

The TREIF HAWK presents a valuable opportunity for butcheries and other suppliers looking to transition from small or medium-scale toward larger-scale production. As a plug-and-play entry model, it provides an accessible pathway for companies to increase capacity and profitability, without unnecessary leaps in equipment scale.

Outstanding flexibility and adaptability

The TREIF HAWK has a large operational window, easily handling fresh, crust frozen, tempered, boneless and bone-in meat, as well as cheese. It cuts beautiful, precise fresh meat portions without crust freezing, though raw materials can be crust frozen if preferred. Only minimal adjustments are needed to switch between product types, so companies can respond to changing customer needs quickly and effortlessly.

Treif HAWK Portion Cutter Display

Optimal yield, speed and accuracy

With its intelligent scanning system, the TREIF HAWK extracts maximum value from raw materials, providing superior yield, product quality and throughput. Its updated user-friendly dashboards and operating concept enhance productivity and make creating cutting programs simple and intuitive. With a cutting speed of up to 360 slices per minute, the TREIF HAWK delivers the high speed and precision needed to adapt to new market opportunities. 

Exceptional hygiene and user-friendly design

Engineered with a focus on hygiene and user convenience, the TREIF HAWK features an open design that facilitates easy cleaning. Its robust metal construction guarantees longevity even under heavy use, eliminating concerns about contamination that could arise from plastic parts.

Treif Hawk Ham Portioning

Automatic loading option saves time and labor

A standout feature of the TREIF HAWK is the automatic loading option. This automated infeed system drastically reduces manual labor and saves time, driving operational efficiency and cost savings. For companies that prefer hands-on control, the TREIF HAWK’s ergonomic design also supports comfortable manual infeed.


Maximum cuts per minute: up to 360 cuts per minute
Product cross-section: 250 x 170 mm
Max. infeed length: automatic loading 1,200 mm, manual loading 800 mm
Housing dimensions LxWxH: with infeed: 4,385 x 1,385 x 1,795 mm, without infeed: 3,500 x 1,385 x 1,795 mm
Weight: 1,200 kg
Connection load: 6 kW (direct 3/PE, 50/60Hz, 400V, fuse 25A)
Raw material: Boneless, bone-in, cooked, crust-frozen, fresh, tempered up to –4 C depending on raw material
Accessories: Gripper, knives, cutting frames, cleaning trolley, remote access
Options: Infeed belt or manual loading

TREIF HAWK portion cutter
Marel Treif HAWK Cheese

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