TP-T Three-Point Suspension System

  • Inline three-point suspension
  • Optimal product positioning for manual or automated evisceration operations
  • No product contamination or soiling
  • Saving manual operations


The automatic Three Point Suspension System is specifically developed for primary processing of turkeys. At the beginning of the evisceration process, the Three Point Suspension lifts the head in its own shackle.

Optimally positioning product for each evisceration operation

Due to its ability to vary the angle, the Three Point Suspension System can present the product to the operators in an optimal position to manually eviscerate and harvest the edible organs.

In case of an automated evisceration process, the TP-T suspension is integrated into the eviscerator. Besides ensuring optimal positioning in an automated process too, TP-T highly supports the hygienic operation. This technique ensures that the lower digestive tract does not come into contact with the product during evisceration. Product contamination or soiling is prevented this way.

Subsequently, product and intestine pack can easily be examined by a veterinary inspector. After inspection the heart, liver and intestine pack are removed from the product. At the end of the TP-T suspension the head is released from the shackle. This can be done by means of a push out station or by cutting off the head with the Marel Head Cutter.

The automatic Three Point Suspension is able to handle removed intestines without contaminating or soiling the product. Furthermore, it saves a considerable amount of manual operations.

  • Hanging turkeys at three points (head and two legs) with variable angle
  • Product positioning alters to accommodate each individual (manual or automated) workstation
  • Viscera pack hanging over the back side of the product for easy inspection and harvesting
  • Intestines still connected to carcass, almost no loss of intestine packs
  • Prevents dripping from intestine pack on carcass, hence less contamination
  • Available in 12" and 15" shackle pitch
  • Standard delivered with a push out station
  • Head Cutter optionally integrated


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