Volumetric portion cutters

Create portions with perfectly uniform shape and weight

  • Unique side-press function ensures uniform shape and weight
  • Advanced software gives maximum yield
  • Different shapes of infeed mold allows product flexibility
  • Highest levels of operator safety


Unbeatable consistency  

Our volumetric portion cutters are designed to cut meat with or without bones, into fixed-weight portions with a perfectly uniform shape. A unique side-press function ensures an unbeatable consistency in shape and size. In addition a superior spiral knife gives the highest quality cut and consistency to the slice thickness.

Multiple product types

Different shapes of infeed mold allow various products to be created, including steaks, minute steaks, schnitzels, beef roulade, pork chops, meat cubes and meat strips.

Perfect presentation

Single, fanned and shingled portions can be delivered in fixed-weight batches for manual or automatic tray packing.

Flexible portioning programs

Our volumetric portion cutters use advanced software, allowing you to create portions with either optimized weight, consistent slice thickness or optimized yield.


V-Cut 160

V-Cut 200

V-Cut 240


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