<p>Annual general meeting</p>

<h4><span class="colored-text" style="font-weight: 400;"></span>Each Marel annual general meeting is one of the most important events in the company’s calendar.</h4> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">The AGM enables shareholders to discuss performance, make proposals, vote, and agree upon the company’s future objectives, ambitions and direction.</span></p>

2019 AGM

The annual general meeting of 2019 will be held at the company’s headquarters on 6 March.

Draft agenda

  1. The report of the Board of Directors on the activities of the Company during the preceding year of operation.
  2. CEO´s operational report.
  3. Submission of the annual accounts of the Company for the preceding year for confirmation.
  4. Decision on how to address the profit or loss from the Company’s operations for the year.
  5. Report on the execution of the Company’s remuneration policy.
  6. Proposal on the Company’s remuneration policy.
  7. Proposal on the Company’s share-based incentive scheme.
  8. Decision on remuneration to the members of the Board of Directors for the next year of operation and of the Auditor for the preceding year of operation.
  9. Proposal concerning amendments of the Company’s Articles of Association:
    a) Article 15.1 – Proposal to renew authorization to increase share capital to be used to fulfil share option contracts with employees;
    b) Article 15.2 – Proposal to renew authorization to increase share capital to be used as payment in relation to acquisition of new businesses;
    c) New Article 15.3 – Proposal to authorize the Board of Directors to increase the Company’s share capital in connection with the dual-listing of the Company’s shares.
  10. Proposal to reduce the Company’s share capital.
  11. Elections of Board of Directors.
  12. Election of an auditor or auditing firm.
  13. Proposal on an authorisation for the Company to buy treasury shares.
  14. Any other business, lawfully presented.


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Annual accounts for 2018