Customizable SmartLine Grader fulfills any grading need

From whole bird grading to twin-lane fixed-weight batching

Smartline Grader2

The customizable SmartLine Grader can solve almost any grading issue. After configuring the ideal set-up using the new standardized components, SmartLine can adequately sort out the required products and weights. A SmartLine Grader isn't just a purchase, it's the answer to a problem.

The SmartLine platform is so flexible that any individual processor can configure a grader exactly to the company's needs. Starting from a list of requirements, there is always a SmartLine Grader set-up that ticks all the boxes. In addition, Marel's standardized modular components reduce costs. State-of-the-art technology is now available at very competitive prices. There are no longer any superfluous features to pay for, only the ones you really need.

Grading whole birds

In many parts of the world where griller sales make up an important part of the chicken meat market, grading whole birds is a crucial part of the process. As of now, SmartLine Graders can handle whole chickens and whole ducks too. Bigger bins are available for sorting whole birds on a single- or dual-lane grader.

One or two lanes

If a plant is handling products with many different weight classes, such as whole grillers, it is possible to add more gates to a single lane SmartLine Grader. For a large number of products it is more logical to configure a dual-lane grader. The two belts of a dual-lane SmartLine Grader feature their own independent row of output bins on the outside, enabling the grader to handle higher capacities.

Smartline Grader

Choose only what's needed

These are some of SmartLine Grader's features and specifications to configure:

  • Belt width
  • Height
  • Length of the sections
  • Number of gates
  • Discharge into chutes, hoppers or bins
  • Bin size to fit the product, from tenders to whole chickens
  • Single-lane, dual-lane or twin-lane

Why a twin-lane grader?

What is the difference between a dual-lane and a twin-lane grader? In a twin-lane SmartLine Grader, both lanes can work together to produce specified batches collected in one row of bins, hoppers or chutes in the middle. At the grader entry, the improved algorithm of the Dynamic Weighing Unit ensures faster and even more accurate weighing. Based on the assessed weight, the system responds quickly, taking two products from the left belt and two products from the right belt to assemble a four-piece tray.

A twin-lane grader is ideal for processing multiple streams of the same product, such as the output from two AMF-i filleting systems. The twin-lane's batching algorithm can pick individual items from a wider choice of source material to produce customer orders. Fixed-weight batches can be much more accurate in this way, while reducing giveaway.

Software benefits

The modular SmartLine platform can incorporate software in different ways. It is possible to implement Innova control and monitoring software either stand-alone with the grader or together with other Marel processing equipment in a full-line solution.

Customizable dashboards on the display give a clear overview of actual production and charts of weight distribution, giveaway and throughput. They also highlight where improvements are possible. Grader settings can be remotely controlled from the office.

Food safety and sustainability

Food safety is in good hands. The SmartLine Grader range is known for its hygienic design with its unique open-frame and a minimum of horizontal surfaces. Access is easier to ensure optimum hygiene during high-pressure cleaning. The change from production mode to a washdown position happens in seconds.

SmartLine Grader scores well on sustainability too. Compared to previous generations, it produces low noise and consumes little air, water, and electricity, although the CPU is more powerful. By designing the most robust grader platform yet, Marel has confirmed its position as technological market leader.

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