Easy-entry poultry cut-up automation

ACM-NT Compact’s customized set-up always matches space and budget

ACM NT Compact Leg Splitter

In today’s tough times, poultry processors have plenty of reasons to reconsider the efficiency and amount of manpower in their cutting department, and think about automating the process. Even if space is at a premium and budget is important, the Marel ACM-NT Compact automated cut-up solution can fit any processing plant and meet all needs. Making use of ACM-NT’s proven breast, leg and wing cutting modules, the custom-designed system can make high quality products with the highest efficiency.

Several markets that traditionally process whole birds, share a trend: the need for cut-up as an opportunity for volume growth and value addition. The automation of the cut-up department opens a door to efficient growth with minimal labor. In turn, due to the characteristics of the system, it does not have minimums, being able to process the initial quantities and grow in volume according to demand. Marco Solleveld, Marel Poultry Regional Sales Director, says: “This is the perfect occasion to take the first step in cut-up automation. Marel’s ACM-NT Compact is a solution that will always match budgets. It's the easy-entry ticket to high-performance automated cut-up."

Flexible set-up with countless options

Processors can configure the ACM-NT compact cutting system to best suit their production. Its flexible design allows it to head out in all directions. It all depends on what type of end products are produced. It is possible to focus on wings, back quarters or breasts. Once the appropriate modules have been chosen to comply with the demands of customers' end products, the ACM-NT Compact will do what it needs to do and will meet all requirements.
Marco continues: "With its great flexibility and modularity, it’s a solution that performs the highest percentage of A-grade cuts for each cut in the industry. This allows competitive access to different markets and channels such as wholesalers, supermarkets, retailers, institutional chains and other food service customers. With the appropriate modules, the ACM-NT Compact can produce the chicken cuts exactly according to customer specifications."

This is the perfect occasion to take the first step in cut-up automation

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A crucial switch

A first investment in an ACM-NT Compact system will provide immediate access to first-class automated cut-up. It uses the same modules as a full-blown ACM-NT solution and both systems, therefore, have the same performance. “ACM-NT Compact is an ideal platform to make the crucial switch from processing whole chicken to cut-up products. Processors of any type and size can benefit from this system. If the market grows or the demand becomes more specific, the update is easy. The necessary modules are simply added to the existing set-up,” says Marco Solleveld.

ACM-NT Compact takes into account the available space in a processing plant. The system offers three standardized overhead steel frames, all with a small footprint. Even when space in the factory is limited, the ACM-NT Compact will still fit in.

Always fit in

By investing gradually over time, the modular system can grow from the first basic cuts to a powerful in-line cut-up solution, with fully flexible capacity up to 6,500 bph, achieving multiple cuts intelligently and simultaneously, without manual interference.

It will also be possible to automate the shackling of the products by transferring them selectively in the overhead conveyor, reducing even more the need for manual labor. Added Innova software will give the system more intelligence, allowing each chicken to be cut up according to need and possibility and monitoring production in real-time.
Marco Solleveld concludes: “ACM-NT Compact is a smart investment as it offers the best of both worlds. It meets the demands of today with a small footprint, and is also ready for the future."

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