MAJA SAH 85 L Flake Ice Machine

Compact and space-saving for small flake ice needs

  • Hygienic ice production for food-safe refrigeration
  • Convenient plug and play flake ice solution
  • With ice storage and transport trolley
  • Easy operation


The flake ice machines MAJA SAH 85 L and SAH 170 L, with respective ice outputs of 85kg and 170kg every 24 hours, are designed for smaller requirements of fresh ice in butcheries, bakeries, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, catering businesses and various non-food applications.

Hygienic, food-safe ice production

MAJA flake ice machines are labeled HY-GEN protected. This stands for excellent sanitary conditions:

  • Free access to cleaning relevant parts from all sides and without the use of tools
  • Easily removable, round plastic water tank
  • Water tank without built-in parts, angles, edges and screws for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Automatic water pipe rinsing after 24 hours without ice production
  • Special hygiene advantages in accordance with the German drinking water regulations


  • Integrated condensing unit in air-cooled execution (L)
  • Refrigerant R449A (GWP 1397)
  • Integrated heat exchanger for optimum energy efficiency
  • Refrigerant stop valve and refrigerant pump-down when the machine stops

Easy operation – convenient ice handling

  • Easy operation by ON/OFF pushbuttons
  • Reliable SPS control unit
  • Insulated ice bin EV50 on a wheeled base for convenient storage and transport of approximately 50kg of flake ice
  • Solid machine structure with frame and housing in stainless steel


Flake ice output * 85kg/24h 170kg/24h
Water consumption 0.085l/24h 0.170l/24h

Refrigerant type
Refrigerant charge

R449A (GWP 1397)
R449A (GWP 1397)
Machine width 705mm 705mm
Machine depth 700mm 700mm
Machine height 1380mm 1380mm
Weight 160kg 172mm
Electrical connection
0.58kW 0.99kW
Supply water connection 3/4'' external thread 3/4'' external thread
Drain water connection 2x3/4'' hose clip 2x3/4'' hose clip
Silo capacity 50kg 50kg

* The indicated ice output depends on installation conditions. 
Water temperature +16°C (+60.8°F), ambient temperature +20°C (+68.8°F). 
Higher temperatures may lead to reduced ice output.


Ozone disinfection  Creating best-possible hygiene conditions for the inlet water supply
Automatic self-cleaning  MAJA-SCS for time-saving and optimum hygiene safety by automating the cleaning process
(included by default in MAJA SAH 170 L, optional equipment for MAJA SAH 85 L)
Additional ice carts EV50 For more flexibility by alternating use and increased storage capacity
Control Panel ON/OFF
for remote operation
With wall holdfast and cable 5m
Control Panel Timer
with timer function
Freely programmable ice production and cleaning cycles
External water pre-heater For low-water/ambient temperatures between +2°C and +5°C


Preventive maintenance can detect system wear and imminent malfunctions at an early stage.

By checking and regulating system parameters, the operational reliability of your flake ice machine is increased and energy-efficient operation of the refrigeration system is supported.

A regular check of the safety equipment ensures smooth operation of the system and protects against malfunctions in good time.

Cleaning the condenser ensures greater operational safety and helps to save energy. Condensers that are dirty can result in up to 10% higher energy consumption!

The optimally adjusted refrigerant charge quantity is the basis for a safe operation of your flake ice machine with high efficiency.


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