V-Cut 300 Portion cutter

Flexible volumetric portion cutting for uniformly shaped portions

  • The most flexible portion cutter
  • For any kind of primals—large, small and irregularly shaped
  • Easy raw material infeed via unique mold system
  • Multiple product types
  • Uniform portion shape and weight


Ideal for retail and foodservice meat processors, the V-Cut 300 portion cutter delivers exceptional flexibility, high throughput, improved yield and reduced giveaway.

Uniform shape with fixed weight or fixed thickness

Volumetric portion cutting provides portions with not only the same shape but also fixed weight and fixed thickness. Portioned like this, products are ready for automatic loading in trays, saving the step of manual batching or tray loading.

Outstanding product variety

The V-Cut 300 has a very large operational window, offering great flexibility and easily handling any type of fresh, curst-frozen primal. Portions can be supplied as:

  • Slices for schnitzels
  • Prime steaks
  • Minute steaks
  • Very thin slices going down to 2 mm
  • Cubes/dice
  • Butterfly portions
  • Bone-in pork chops

Unique mold system

The V-Cut 300‘s unique portioning mold with side-press function allows extremely operator-friendly loading of raw materials. The side-press function can handle different meat sizes in one and the same mold shape, so no downtime is spent reconfiguring the machine when changing raw material.

Another strong advantage is the extremely operator-friendly raw material loading and ergonomic working process enabled by the low infeed height.


Width 1842 mm
Height 3650 mm
Depth 1871 mm
Footprint 1,9 m²
Weight 1900 kg


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