10/01/18 Updated 02/07/19

New Salmon Deheader released for sale

Marel is pleased to announce that it has now released its automatic Salmon Deheader MS 2720.

Salmon Deheader

Salmon processors are constantly looking for ways to improve yield and achieve a better flow. The new Salmon Deheader helps achieve this by performing high-precision cutting for optimum yield on every fish and by enabling the automatic transfer of deheaded fish into our Filleting Machine.

The Salmon Deheader's unique cutting principles were first demonstrated at the 2017 Salmon ShowHow, and when Leroy Seafood Group’s new plant in Norway begins operating later this year, it will be one of the most advanced salmon processing plants in the world, with high-tech salmon processing systems from Marel that include the new deheading machine.

With precise, uniform cutting and gentle handling throughout, the machine helps ensure very high-quality fillets. The deheader can also help raise productivity and is very easy to operate, with all settings and operations made on a touchscreen panel next to the operator platform at the machine’s infeed.