Marel re-equips major Polish processor

SuperDrob Goleniów invests in convenience food systems

Superdrob Samsel Wilk

Chicken meat lends itself particularly well to serving as a base for the ever-expanding range of tasty further processed, convenience food products, which are increasingly popular with today's time-poor consumers. Poland has developed into the European Union's leading supplier of raw poultry meat and it can come as no surprise that Polish processors are focusing increasingly on the production of top-quality convenience food products.

"Our twin aims are to keep developing relationships with existing customers and to increase production so that we can enter new markets. To help us do this, we insist on investing in the latest and best technology available." These are the words of Rafał Samsel, Director of SuperDrob's Goleniów plant.
In October of 2020, SuperDrob completed the convenience food installation at Goleniów of Marel's RevoCrumb 600, RevoPortioner, GoldFryer and MOS ModularOven. SuperDrob had already been using Marel equipment at their Lodz plant.

Expand and innovate

Rafał Samsel explains, "Our decision to invest in new technology was largely driven by our desire to expand and to innovate. We chose Marel because this company delivers equipment, which allows us to supply our customers with the top quality they have come to expect from us. We are delighted that Marel also shares our views on sustainability, which means reducing water and energy consumption."

We will continue to grow, innovate and take up new challenges, values which we completely share with Marel.

Rafał Samsel
Director of SuperDrob Goleniów

MOS flexibility

"We are particularly impressed with the MOS oven, which in our opinion is one of the very best available on the market. We now are now able to set the dew point separately for each tower, which gives us optimum control over the heat treatment process. Product quality is now second to none," continues Rafał Samsel. He also has good words to say about the GoldFryer. "With its Teflon belt it has improved this stage of the process."

Consistently uniform products

SuperDrob also appreciates the consistent weight and uniformity of the products made on the RevoPortioner. Its low-pressure forming technique perfectly preserves the structure and texture of the raw material used. Changing products is a quick and simple matter of just changing drums.
Superdrob is using RevoCrumb to coat products with both standard crumb and cornflakes. "We particularly like the ability to control the distribution of crumb to the top and bottom layers of our product. Crumb breakage is truly minimal and crumb adhesion is perfect."

Superdrob Goleniow

Plug and play

"Marel machines are straightforward to install and commission. The plug and play functionality speeds up setting them correctly. Their innovative features make production easier. Last but not least, our operators find them easy to live with and really like them."

Met on time

Rafał Samsel looks back to installation and commissioning, "Both were done very efficiently and commissioning was on time. We really appreciate dealing with a large company, whose individual departments have knowledgeable specialists, who can deal quickly with any problems. The pandemic has really highlighted the advantages of Marel's experience."

"Our goals in making the investment have been completely met. We have been able to double production and our process is now much more efficient. We are more than happy with the top quality the new equipment is turning out. Looking to the future, we will continue to grow, innovate and take up new challenges, values which we completely share with Marel," concludes Mr. Samsel.

Superdrob Convenience Line

About Superdrob

SuperDrob is one of the leading producers of poultry and ready-made dishes in Poland. Exports account for more than half of production, mainly to other EU countries but also to China and Japan.
In 2018, the company began supplying its slow-growing "Kurczak Sielski" (Idyllic Chicken). 2020 saw the introduction of "FastGOOD", a new concept in convenience food.
SuperDrob has been in business for 28 years. Today, the Capital Group employs about 2500 people.
The company is owned by the Lipka family and the global agri-food company CP Foods from Thailand.

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