Bone-in and boneless cutting with intelligent and volumetric portion cutters

3 Filet Cutted

The addition of TREIF has expanded Marel's portioning portfolio and expertise to deliver bone-in and boneless cutting solutions that improve yields and increase throughput to processors of any size.

Maximum flexibility with a small footprint

Smaller, handcraft butcheries require all-around equipment with the flexibility to meet the demands of an extensive product list while reducing giveaway. Designed for optimal hygiene and ergonomic awareness, stand-alone portioners from Marel and TREIF ensure efficent changeovers between products to keep butcheries at optimal productivity.

Quickly and easily adjust cut thickness for bone-in and boneless meat. Stand-alone portion cutters from Marel and TREIF ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the highest quality end-product for your customers.

Treif Portioned Pork 2

Precision in all cuts

High-accuracy portion cutters for large and mid-sized processors increase yield with the precision cutting of fresh or crust frozen, boneless products.

The FALCON evolution preformer brings natural, boneless products into a uniform shape. Once formed, the product can be fed directly into an integrated cutting solution to deliver portions of consistent thickness and weight, improving yield and end-product consistency.

Treif Portioned Pork 1

Easily integrated into full-lines, intelligent portion cutters supply processors with real-time data. New generation touch screens make daily operation and programming easier than ever, giving operators optimum control of processing lines and in-depth information for product traceability.

Scalable to the needs of your business, Marel and TREIF's combined expertise and portioning solutions can cover all your cutting needs. 

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From stand-alone equipment to full-line integration, Marel works with you to find the portion cutter to take your business into the future.

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