Smarter processing with Marel in Brussels


Visitors to Seafood Processing Global in Brussels this year can explore exciting new products for fish processing at the Marel stand #4-6227.

With the onset of Industry 4.0, a new wave of technology has inspired the innovators at Marel to come up with a new generation of products to equip the smart fish processing factories of today and the future.

This helps explain why so many of the products we’re showing at Seafood Processing Global this year are new. In addition to releasing four new products for sale at the expo, our stand will feature numerous products that we’ve introduced in the past 12 months.

Product releases in Brussels

The fully automatic RoboBatcher Thermoformer packs portions into thermoformers at high speed. The RoboBatcher makes filling orders easier and more efficient by automatically adjusting processing based on which product weights and sizes best match the order requirements.

The new and improved Compact Grader features a user-friendly interface with a new display and multiple programs that make grading even easier. The grader is compact and robust, and suits a variety of seafood products, while Innova Food Processing Software ensures a full overview of the daily process by using real-time monitoring to provide the right data and reports. The Compact Grader is also an ideal add-on for large organizations that require a machine capable of handling temporary or seasonal overflow.

We’re showing the revolutionary FleXicut pinboner and fillet portioner with the FleXitrim trimming line, which is also being released for sale in Brussels this year.  FleXitrim’s advanced feedback capability gives operators the information they need to improve trimming results.

For grading and packing, the new M2400 Scales offer advanced, high-precision weighing and monitoring with full digital control. The M2200 has served for over 30 years as one of the most accurate scales on the market. Packed with new features, the M2400 offers greater processing power, efficiency and dependability in the harshest of conditions.

New in salmon processing

For salmon processors, three new products released this year improve processing results in terms of end-product quality, yield and reduced labor costs: the QC Scanner, the PaceInfeeder for the Filleting Machine, and FleXicut Salmon.

“All three of the new releases are examples of how we make salmon processing more intelligent – and therefore more efficient, more sustainable, more profitable,” said Sigurdur Ólason, EVP Marel Fish, when Marel launched the products at the Salmon ShowHow in Copenhagen in February.

We are constantly enhancing the connectivity of our salmon solutions and released a new software module earlier this year for improving salmon filleting results.

Innova for Salmon Filleting provides complete equipment control and real-time monitoring to improve the overall performance of a filleting line, regardless of whether all the machines on the line are running.

Smarter processing with the right data

Connectivity is one of the most important aspects of smarter processing. When our software systems and machinery communicate with each other, it means we can provide relevant data to both sides of the supply chain, leading to increased capacity and productivity, and boosting overall efficiency.

Our live demonstrations help visitors understand how Marel innovations can improve their processing results. The software helps keep everything running smoothly and improves decision-making, and we encourage people to visit us in Brussels to explore some of the substantial advantages the software has to offer.

New releases from Innova also include Innova for FlexiTrim, which includes individual performance monitoring for yield, throughput and quality, and a more streamlined infeed to FleXicut.

Innova For Flexitrim

Innova for FleXiTrim: The colors reflect the location and frequency of bones detected on the fillet as the day goes by. This tells the operator which specific areas to focus on and tells the supervisor whether the filleting machine needs adjusting.

If you’re still looking for smarter processing, join us. We’re already there.

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