IN 33-430 injector

  • Optimize the amount of brine injected into the product with low pressure
  • Increase the brine retention in the product
  • Proven pumping system, needle configuration and needle design
  • Total brine recovery utilizes an innovative bathtub design, and reduces brine waste
  • Reduces maintenance and operation costs
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) sanitation feature allows machine to run longer


Townsend injection technology is designed for injecting brine or flavor-enhancing fluid into fresh boneless pork and beef products.

The IN 33-430 is designed for product to be loaded into and out of it by means of a conveyor or other automatic loading mechanism.

The operator uses a computerized touch screen to control the machine, and to monitor injection performance. A set of closely-spaced injecting needles distributes fluid uniformly into the product. The fluid control system maintains constant, accurate injection percentages.


  • Lowest standard deviation in the industry
  • Color touch screen offers the ability to store up to 40 recipes for easy change over
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Multiple stage filter system can run an 8-hour shift without a full system clean
  • Individual filters can be cleaned during operation
  • Head includes 205 needles with the ability to inject with the lowest standard deviation in the industry
  • Sanitation made easy with removable conveyor bed and Clean-In-Place features
  • Proven pump and needle head technology
  • Reduced maintenance and operation costs compared to previous models
  • Programmable product recipes provide accurate adjustments and easy recipe changeover
  • Combing Tray (Optional)
  • Filter System
  • Electrical Cabinet
  • Touch screen



Machine Dimensions (20" conveyor)
Length: 3297mm (129.8 inches)
Height: 1941mm (76.4 inches)
Width: 1352mm (53.2 inches)
Shipping weight uncrated:   1069 kg (2356.7 lbs)
Power Supply
Total power: 10 kW (5 hp)
Compressed Air
Pressure: 690 kPa (100 psi)
Consumption: 15m3 hr. (3ft3 min.)
Airborne Noise: < 73 dB



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