Marel at IFFA: Advancing Food Processing 

At this year’s IFFA Marel serves you various innovative solutions for the primary, secondary and further processing of meat. Together we are Advancing Food Processing!

In Further Processing we focus on several global launches in the area of convenience products and sausage production. These solutions enable you to further optimize your production, generate profitable products and reduce operational costs.

Some highlights are:

High volume low pressure forming

GLOBAL LAUNCH: High volume low pressure forming

We will launch a brand new low pressure, high volume forming application that enables you to produce convenience products at the highest volumes, without compromising quality aspects like texture and structure (bite, mouth feel), form consistency etc. Strict QSR requirements are met.

At IFFA 2016 we talk sausage. We are proud to introduce several new solutions.

GLOBAL LAUNCH: Peeler 2800 with improved infeed

Our improved sausage peeler sets the standard in performance, durability, capacity and ease of operation. The new infeed enables an even better peeler result.

A new flexible system

The new Universal Fresh Sausage Line offers you all the flexibility you need: you can produce sausages with a naturel, prefab collagen and alginate casing, by changing over to a Co-Extrusion setup in a few minutes. Length adjustment of your end product can be done easily. The whole system has a small footprint, produces up to 800 products per minute and enables savings in casing material.

Qaulity sausage Co-eXtrusion

GLOBAL LAUNCH: a new Quality Extrusion system

We will launch a completely new QX family member: a new compact system that enables continuous, in line, extremely high automated sausage production. The result is a product with an unrivalled food safety level and a long shelf life. The capacity of one system is up to 1000 kg/hour.

Visit our Booth J96-K90 in Hall 8.0 and find out how we can support your processes!

Primary & secondary meat processing at IFFA



Start date:
7 May 2016

End date:
12 May 2016

Web site:

Frankfurt, Germany

Stand no:
Hall 8.0, Booth J96 and K90