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Award-Winning Heating Technology

07 May 2013

ModularOven awarded at IFFA

On the light box in the middle of the Marel stand, visitors have been impressed by the video presentation of our most powerful heating system, the ModularOven 700. Not only visitors have been impressed - the judges of the Meat Technology Awards 2013 felt the ModularOven 700’s innovative technology was a winner. 

In the category Air Conditioning and Heating Technology, the ModularOven was awarded the Meat Technology Award 2013. The prize was awarded yesterday and can be seen beside the light box on the stand. This oven is a high capacity heat treatment system that is proven successful for processing a wide range of steam-cooked, marinated, coated and roasted products. One of the unique patented features of this powerful oven is its ability to create and control two distinct environments in its towers, allowing for maximum yield and capacity.

The Meat Technology Awards were established in 2012 and awarded for the first time at the Anuga exhibition in Cologne. The purpose of the awards is to award innovative technologies that provide sustainable advantages to the meat processing industry and that foster product quality.