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Fresh Event in Full Swing

21 Feb 2013

At the demo center in Boxmeer, large groups of customers have been able to look, listen, touch, smell and taste at the Fresh Event 2013. From 19 to 21 February (potential) customers from Poland, France, Norway and other European countries, as well as Russia and even New Zealand, headed for the Netherlands to immerse themselves in the unique further processing experience at this event. Some already have a number of Marel machines and have come to numerous events, whereas others were completely new to this. As always, our knowledgeable demo center team put on a fantastic show, taking the customers along several operational production lines whilst explaining in detail what they were seeing. "This is superb," one French customer enthused. "Being able to visualize everything is just great and I was able to ask any questions I wanted, getting very detailed answers. These guys really know what they're talking about!"

Townsend Fresh Event 2013
From the DMM Meat Harvesting equipment to the RevoPortioner and then through a coating line, tasty schnitzels appeared before the customers' eyes. Via Jacques Roosenbrand's frying pan they then made their way onto the lunch plates so everyone could taste what they had seen being made. As well as the schnitzels, customers were able to view several types of sausages being made, both on a co-extrusion system and two different systems using natural casing. A Dutch customer said his eyes were opened to all new possibilities. "We currently make sausages mostly by hand and these systems would save us so much time and money." Finally, a meat ball system proved to everyone that no matter the shape of the fresh products, Marel Townsend Further Processing has the equipment to make them.