<p>About Innova</p>

<p>Innova Food Processing Software covers the most critical manufacturing execution system (MES) functionality required in today's food processing.</p> <p>Designed to improve productivity and reduce cycle-time, Innova offers a range of modules for managing and monitoring food production.</p>

Innova explained

<p>Innova Food Processing software ranges from simple device control modules to total processing solutions adapted to the individual needs of food processors. Innova also covers the most critical manufacturing execution system (MES) functionalities required in today's food processing.</p> <p>Designed to improve productivity and reduce cycle-time, Innova offers a full range of modules for managing and monitoring food production.</p>

The Innova team

The Marel company culture reflects professionalism, competence, flexibility, teamwork, empowerment, diversity and creativity. In an industry based on progress and innovation, flexibility and open-mindedness are essential. The Innova team reflects these values in all their endeavors.

The Innova team is a dynamic one that thrives in a challenging atmosphere to bring the best processing solutions to our customers. Individual skills are appreciated and nurtured, along with the ability to work in a global setting. Our experts are highly motivated and dedicated to quality, excellence, and service.

  • Knowledge and understanding of food processing expectations
  • Experience of large-scale and complex projects
  • Professional project management methodologies

Offices in over 30 countries on 6 continents

With offices and subsidiaries in over 30 countries, and a network of more than 100 agents and distributors, Marel is in a unique position to serve its customers wherever they may be located. Regional teams bring the company closer to its customers, facilitating faster on-site response times while the international online support team offers remote technical support directly to the site or even the equipment when possible.

Strong partnership within the food processing industry

The Innova team thrives on imagination, ingenuity, and its strong partnerships within the poultry, fish and meat industries. Marel's cutting edge software and equipment help food processors of all sizes, in all markets, to operate at peak productivity, and enhance the overall quality and value of food.

Extensive knowledge of food processing

Marel combines its extensive knowledge of food processing with substantial investment in product development to create innovative software solutions for the fish, meat and poultry industries.

Team spirit

The Innova team has the technological expertise and the practical know-how to help processors implement the software solutions they need. Solid co-operation both within our teams and with our customers is the foundation we build on. We are in this together.

Marel In Numbers

  • Innova software systems, 2000
  • Devoted Innova employees, 220
  • Sales and service offices, 30

The history of Innova

The integration between hardware and software has always been a priority for the company. This allows processors to control single devices or a whole array of equipment across the plant floor, where traceability and production control is of paramount importance.

Innova timeline
Innova timeline
2018Recipe Manager provides full control over recipe-based production. Master recipes define the steps needed to create a specific product and the order in which they should be performed. Recipe batches are instances of a master recipe and can be started from the office or the shop floor and activated in production.
2017New features in Innova Traceability make it easier to handle complex traceability requirements and to react when issues are reported quickly.

Innova 5.6.0 was released with various module improvements.

2015Innova OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) module introduced to provide food processors with detailed information about the performance of their processes.
2014The Innova Quality Control module released to enable paperless control and automation of the quality control process throughout the value chain.
2013One thousand Innova systems installed worldwide for different types of food processing companies.
Innova Labeling introduced for easy and centralized label management.
2012Integration with Marel Poultry primary processing equipment completed.
2011Innova amended to support Marel’s Pluto embedded software platform.
Innova service products updated to allow food processors to get the most out of their Innova investments.
2010Integration to Marel’s End of Line equipment to enable real-time monitoring and traceability.
2009Innova Integration Services released to allow continuous integration and data transfer between systems. 

Innova Deboning and Trimming module were introduced to support the Marel deboning and trimming StreamLine and all processes in front of and after the line, including weighing, grading, portioning, quality assurance, inventory and dispatch.
2008The new and rebranded Innova was formally launched at the IPPE exhibition in Atlanta, with the first modules released.
2007Several implementation projects were successfully concluded and Innova became more advanced.

Marel and Scanvaegt merged, and a difficult decision was made between MP5 and the successful Scanplant software from Scanvaegt. MP5 was chosen and rebranded as the product we know today as Innova.
2006The first system was implemented at a big fishing company in Iceland. The project went very well, despite a complicated production process and old processing equipment.
2005Innova programming started within a carefully selected group of software developers.
2004The groundwork for the fifth generation of food processing software started within Marel. The project was given the working title MP5.