MAJA ESB 4434 V Combined Derinding Skinner

A multi-functional skinner that saves time, money and space

  • For all derinding and membrane skinning purposes
  • High product flexibility
  • Quick conversion from one mode to the other
  • Optimum results with high yield


Versatile applications

The multi-functional MAJA ESB-V line is designed for yield-oriented derinding and membrane skinning for all small and medium-sized processors.

Derinding applications

The MAJA ESB-V line is for all fresh pork cuts, e.g. belly, flank, backfat, neck, jowl, shoulder and ham cap as well as round cuts from shoulder and ham. The infeed conveyor belt allows the safe derinding of all flat cuts, whereas round cuts can be derinded manually in open-top mode, in accordance with the EC safety regulations.

Membrane skinning applications

These are suitable for all fresh, boneless cuts from pork, beef, veal, lamb and game.

Easy handling, setup and upkeep

The machine can be changed from conveyorized to manual open-top skinning–very quickly and easily, without tools.

The distance between knife and transport roller determines the thickness of the cut, which can be adjusted in millimeter precision using a hand lever on the machine’s side panel.

For timesaving and operator convenience, the infeed and outlet conveyor belts as well as the pressure roller can be easily removed without the use of tools, which makes cleaning and maintenance fast, efficient and easy.

The START/STOP function of the manual open-top skinning process is controlled using a foot pedal made from flat material for comfortable operation.

Perfect skinning with maximum yield

The MAJA ESB-V line ensures that there is no expensive post-processing on the product and that the removed rind and membranes are free from fat or meat. This helps to increase yield and profit significantly. For an always perfect skinning result, the transport roller is continuously cleaned from residual membranes by compressed air (includes an air filter system).

Flexible installation–a strong advantage not only for confined facilities

The MAJA ESB-V line is a space-saving solution not only because of its small footprint, but also because you only need one machine for both derinding and membrane skinning.


  MAJA ESB 4434 V MAJA ESB 4434/1 V
Cutting width 434 mm (17'') 434 mm (17'')
Machine width
incl. adjustment handles
853 mm (33.6'') 853 mm (33.6'')
Depth of machine 1360 mm (53.5'')
incl. slide sheet
1687 - 1757 mm (66.4 - 69.2'')
incl. outlet belt
Height of machine 1242 mm (48.9'') 1242 mm (48.9'')
Electrical connection
0,55 + 0,88 kW 0,55 + 0,88 kW
Compressed air 3/8'' rapid coupling 3/8'' rapid coupling
Machine weight 260 kg (616 lbs) 295 kg 


ESB 4434 V Version without discharge / outlet conveyor belt, but with
slide sheet to guide skinned products in a box or trolley
ESB 4434/1 V Version including discharge / outlet conveyor belt 


Cleaning cart With special fittings for comfortable cleaning of sanitizing-relevant machine parts (e.g. conveyor belts, pressure roller, knife holder etc.)
Air-filled pressure roller For smooth and steady pressure on sensitive cuts
knife holder
For tool-free, quick and easy knife change and adjustment 


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