Understanding Marel

In partnership with our customers, we are transforming the way food is processed. Our vision is of a world where quality food is produced sustainably and affordably.

Our business model

Taking an innovative, high-tech approach has placed Marel in the forefront of the food processing equipment industry. As a leader in the field, we provide advanced food processing equipment, systems, software and services for the fish, meat and poultry industries around the world. Our business model is based on maintaining a good balance between our industry segments, business mix and geographical operations.


Leading pure-play supplier

We sell advanced and high-end equipment, solutions and software to the poultry, meat and fish industries. We serve producers looking to increase the automation of their production processes.

Technology leader

We invest around 6% of revenues in innovation support of our strong focus on process and product innovation. Ensuring a seamless operating flow and integrating different applications boosts overall efficiency and production capacity.

Blue-chip customer base worldwide

Our customer base includes most of the world’s blue-chip food processors in the poultry, meat and fish industries. Our long-standing partnerships are strong, built on co-operation and teamwork across industries and geographies.

Innova software platform

We give our customers full control over their production with Innova, our advanced, overarching food production software. Designed to optimize production using our high-tech equipment lines, Innova software can integrate and increase the efficiency of third-party equipment as well.

Global reach

We have a dedicated team of about 6,000 employees in over 30 countries around the world. Through the years, we have built a unique sales and service network of over 500 employees in global sales and more than 1,000 in global services supporting clients around the world. We also complement our local presence with a network of over 100 agents and distributors.

Clear and focused growth strategy

Marel’s playing field is gradually expanding to cover the entire production process from farm to fork and from catch to consumer. This entails a full-line offering of integrated systems, solutions and software for every step of the production process, available in all relevant geographical areas of our industries.

<p><span>With data collection we provide full traceability throughout the entire production process</span></p>

Our strategy

For the period 2017-2026 Marel has set a target of 12% average annual increase in revenue, through both organic growth and acquisitions. Our growth plan involves capitalizing on strong innovation investment to drive expansion and market penetration. We will also focus on strategic partnerships and acquisitions to fill gaps in the value chain, and to augment our full-line product offering.

Leading global provider of advanced food processing equipment, systems, software and services

Marel's strategic objective is to be a full-line provider to the poultry, meat and fish industries. Our focus is to put our advanced, automated systems and solutionsto work at every step of the production process and to cover the relevant geographical areas in our industries. Strong organic growth and strategic acquisitions have helped make Marel a leader in its field.

Our product line includes standalone equipment, individual systems and full production lines, all controlled and integrated with Innova, our overarching software solution.

This offers our customers process control, real-time traceability and monitoring of throughput and yield that is hard to replicate. Seamless flow and integration between different applications result in higher overall efficiency and improved yield. Marel has thus become a one-stop shop for customers’ needs for equipment, software and service.

In line with our strategy, we have actively reinforced our value chain in recent years. Strong cash flow has made it possible to support organic growth actively through innovation, advancing our manufacturing facilities and updating our IT platform across geographies. It has also allowed Marel to undertake strategic acquisitions, such as Sulmaq in 2017 and MAJA in 2018, without issuing new shares or taking out new loans for that purpose. We will continue to fill the remaining application gaps in our value chain through innovation, organic growth, strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

Investing in growth

Marel aims to achieve on average 12% annual revenue growth in the period 2017-2026. The growth is expected to be a balanced mix of organic and acquired growth.

Organic growth

The market for food processing equipment is expected to grow 4-6% annually on average in the long term. Driven by our significant innovation investment, market penetration and extensive product portfolio, we aim at organic growth outperforming that of the market. Ongoing and continued investment in the future scalability of our platform, IT infrastructure and global reach supports organic growth going forward.

Aquired growth

We will also supplement our full-line offering and accelerate market penetration through acquisitions. We believe our solid operational performance and strong cash flow can support 5-7% revenue growth on average annually through acquisitions. This growth is not expected to be linear but reflect opportunities which become available and economic fluctuations. To capture the full value of acquired companies, we are further professionalizing our integration capabilities and expertise to become a solid integration partner.

Organizational chart

The organizational structure supports our goal of becoming a simpler, smarter and faster company. The poultry, fish, and meat industries are the three pillars of the company which are supported by the company’s global divisions: innovation, global markets, service and supply chain. The overall objective with the matrix organizational structure is to serve our customer better, reduce time to market and penetrate markets faster and more efficiently.

Organizational chart