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Innova v5.5.1

18 Feb 2016

A new version of the Innova Food Processing Software has been released. Customers with the Innova Life Cycle Support program have the rights to all new version releases.

Innova highlights

  • Grading Improvements
  • Trim Management System new improvements
  • Dry Goods Inventory
  • Active Directory (AD) Integration

Grading Improvements

The Innova Grading module has been redeveloped to support new applications and to utilize new features in the Innova core system.

Main features

  • Support for Dynamic order control on SmartLine Graders for both simple and intelligent batching
  • Template-based grading programs
  • Simplified system configuration
  • Grader management Web User Interface
  • OEE support for all grader types

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Innova Trim Management System improvements

The Trim Management System (TMS system) architecture has been redeveloped. CL-target batching is now implemented in SmartLine Graders.

Main features

  • Product configuration for CL-target batching
  • Order-based production control
  • Full traceability support for inline TMS systems
  • Rework station for reintroduction of con taminant- and batching rejects.

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Innova Dry Goods Inventory

Support for dry goods inventories has been significantly improved. A special purpose dry goods form has been added with built in operations to maintain the inventory. The definition of dry goods in this context is everything that is not a raw material or finished product. Dry Goods can be registered in volume and length units as well as pieces and weight. As an example, packaging film can now be registered into inventory measured in feet.

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Active Directory (AD) Integration

The Innova system can now be integrated with Active Directory (AD) to import users and to manage access to the system.

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If you would like to get the release, please contact Haraldur Gunnlaugsson, Innova Marketing Manager.