Customer story

High level of automation at Standard Meat Company

05 Sep 2008

In January this year one of the largest American producers of steaks, Standard Meat Company in Dallas, Texas, made a contract with Marel and Carnitech for a complete flowline system including a new automatic box transportation system and packing store.  


Full control of yield and traceability

Marel and Carnitech delivered a complete processing solution for the Standard Meat plant, that consists of Marel weighing, portioning and cutting systems as well as trimming lines and software and a Carnitech box transport and packing solutions. By combining these systems Marel and Carnitech have delivered a total plant solution that offers full control of yield and traceability. The MPS control system supervises the meat throughout the whole process. In addition the plant is equipped with continuous quality control that ensures that efficiency and quality harmonize.


Ergonomics considered

At Standard Meat Company steaks in diffe­rent sizes and qualities are automatically transported from the cutting line to the packing area. There the boxes are led directly to each operator of the packing machines to be vacuum-packed. This way the operator does not have to carry out hard and heavy lifts. Subsequently, the vacuum-packed steaks are led through a metal protector to a packing station to be packed into boxes, were a label describing the quality, size and weight of the box is placed. The boxes are transported from the packing area to Carnitech's automatic palletizing system, which palletizes the boxes according to type and size.


High level of service

This summer the Carnitech installation team worked at Standard Meat Company in Dallas for a whole month with the installation and running of Carnitech's equipment. The same team has also been involved with the plant assembly and therefore know all technical details with regard to construction, design and function. One of Carnitech's strengths is that the installation teams have first hand knowledge of the product, from the first drawings that are prepared until the product has been delivered and taken into production at the customer's site. With hands on experience and in­depth knowledge our installation team has made sure that the customers have full confidence in the process and receive satisfying results.