Customer story

Leading player chooses leading bandsaw

05 Aug 2013

Over the last 20 years, Alfredo Foods has become a leading player in the Romanian food industry, supplying high quality food products to supermarkets, local distributors and food service units.

Marel's Bandsaw 400

Alfredo Foods have been working with Marel since 2011, when they purchased a high capacity grader. “We were very satisfied with Marel’s training and availability of service personnel,” remembers Cristian Darmanescu, General Manager of Alfredo Foods, and adds: “Marel machines are top quality, offering us a long service life and very good yields.” Recently, Alfredo Foods installed a Bandsaw 400 at their factory in Agigea.

The Agigea site specializes in the processing and packing of frozen fish, vegetables and meat. The Bandsaw 400 is used to cut portions and slices of a variety of products, including various species of frozen fish. Cristian thought it only natural to consider Marel’s Bandsaw 400 on its reputation alone.

I picked the Bandsaw 400 from the wide range of equipment available on the market, because it enables us to cut with precision, reliability and speed. I believe Marel can help us achieve the highest quality standards for fish products and seafood, equal to the Icelandic standards recognized worldwide."

Cristian Darmanescu, General Manager of Alfredo Foods

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