Customer story

Meat processor Ali increases throughput

19 Feb 2009

Deboning throughput has jumped 30% since a Marel processing system was installed. Raw material yield and product quality have also increased.

“We set out hoping that investing in this technology would streamline our operations and lower production costs substantially. These expectations have been fully met. Deboning throughput has soared 30%, our raw materials yield has improved and so has quality. We also have a much clearer picture of individual aspects of the processing than previously,” says Stefán Axelsson, Production Manager of the food company Síld og fiskur, which is based in the Greater Reykjavík area. Síld og fiskur specializes in the production of meat products from young pork meat, such as ham, bacon and sausages. Iceland’s largest producer of young pork products, the company received a new Marel processing and information system in February 2005. This system is a deboning line connected to software that keeps track of data about meat being processed at any given time and records throughput and yield for each deboner.

ALI Meat processor“The system records bought-in raw materials and handles reception monitoring in an accessible way. The effects of the changes are most visible in primary processing, where six staff members now achieve a deboning volume similar to what ten used to. Thus, we were able to achieve the streamlining we set out to accomplish. Our deboners previously had to move pieces of meat and trays around, but this is no longer necessary as they now receive the meat automatically. The way one of our employees put it, they used to have to push, pull and carry day after day, but that’s now a thing of the past. Our worker conditions have improved greatly and become much more ergonomic, which for us is equally important as increased processing speed and quality,” says Ali’s Production Manager. Marel’s technology can thus be said to have revolutionized the company's operations and worker conditions.