Traceable Calibration

Maximize your weighing accuracy and increase your profit

Traceable CalibrationTraceable calibration is a series of recognized tests performed on the weighing instrument using mass referenced to national standards.

Equipment is re-calibrated following repair to ensure optimal performance is maintained.

Feature   Benefits
  • Compliance through controlling under-weight, maximize profitability through controlling over-weight
  • Increase yield and profitability
  • Correct calibrations deliver benefits through the whole production chain by ensuring accuracy from entry to exit
  • Technical tests follow defined process and conform to national standards
  • Consistent testing to known requirements
  • Quality assured process
  • Confidence in equipment
  • Any applicable legal obligations are met
  • Test weights used are traceable through our quality assurance system
  • Calibration results can be approved as valid according to the requirements in ISO 9000 or similar standard
  • Issue of a calibration certificate after each traceable calibration
  • Nationally approved documentation for quality processes
  • Range of traceability and verification calibration services available depending on national requirements
  • Legal obligations met