Case ready

The trend towards case ready/food service products is growing fast.
In order to keep pace with retailer and consumer demand for these types of products, we work with processors to streamline production methods, automate processes and add value at every stage of the meat processing chain. We aim to ensure that our equipment helps them remain competitive when responding to this and other industry trends such as food safety, affordable pricing and convenience.

Marinated Products

Adding value to products through marinating is an increasingly common process in the food industry. It allows processors to fully utilize and increase the value of different meat cuts and at the same time meets the consumer demand for new, exciting flavors and products that are easy to prepare.

Marinated Boneless Pork Chops

With Marel’s marinating line, optimal raw material utilization is ensured, with minimal manual handling of products.

Whole Muscle Steak

Packing of steaks to fixed weight is growing in popularity in the retail and food service sector. It caters to consumer demand and at the same time eases logistical planning.
Case Ready/Food Service portioning lines have to be flexible, efficient and reliable in order to cater for high volume yet flexible production.

Portioning and Manual Packing of Boneless Fresh Meat

This case ready line with an I-Cut 55 PortionCutter and a manual packing table is ideal for companies with...

Portioning and Semi-automatic Packing of Boneless Fresh Meat

This case-ready packing line features efficient automatic vision-controlled portioning, and semi-automatic packing of sliced meat into fixed weight packs.

Portioning and Automatic Packing of Boneless Fresh Meat

This line features portioning, styling and loading of meat slices into pre-formed trays.

Coated products

Coated products – such as schnitzels can be produced in many different ways and often the raw material and production method is rooted in local area culture. The common feature of e.g. the schnitzel is that it is sliced and flattened meat, with a coat of batter and breading. The challenge in coating is to have an effective process flow whatever the material or the local traditions.


Schnitzels can be produced in many ways and often the raw material and production method is rooted in local area culture.


Ground beef patties (hamburgers) are the most popular beef item for most of the developed world. Process monitoring and efficiency - with key focus on hygiene and food safety - are essential when it comes to achieving consistent, uniform quality products with a long shelf life.


Marel has considerable experience in supplying fully automated hamburger production lines.

Minced Meat

More and more meat from the beef/pork carcass is used for minced meat – as a result of growing consumer demand for this type of product. Approximately fifty percent of case ready beef is minced. When producing minced meat, hygiene and food safety are of utmost importance - as is minimal product handling.

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Fresh Sausage

Pork meat is used to make the majority of fresh sausages produced globally. Fresh pork sausages are usually considered to be the third most popular processed meat product, outranked only by frankfurters and bologna. Fresh Pork sausages can be manufactured from chilled trimmings and primal cuts.

Fresh Pork Sausages

Marel’s line for fresh sausages includes deboning, trimming, grinding, mixing, pumping, linking and tray loading.

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