Successful automation repeated in Tangshan plant

Chinese Zhonghong Sanrong Group and Marel once again join hands

Evisceration Department Asia

The Zhonghong Sanrong Group and Marel had already a close relationship for many years. Following the installation of Marel automatic evisceration lines in the Chengde and Qinglong factories in 2018, Zhonghong Sanrong’s Tangshan poultry processing plant has recently been equipped with Marel automatic evisceration systems. The plant now has a capacity of 12,500 bph [208 bpm], and the level of automation has reached new heights.

Zhonghong Sanrong opted for Marel equipment in the evisceration room of their Tangshan poultry processing plant because of their very positive experiences in the Chengde and Qinglong factories. Zhonghong Sanrong paid particular attention to aspects such as saving labor, the ability to handle a range of weights, equipment uptime, maximum yield, hygiene and food safety. Marel could meet these requirements perfectly.

The ultimate way to prevent cross-contamination

Saving labor

Manual operations in the evisceration room are very labor intensive. Automating them frees up staff for other tasks, moving people more to control and inspection activities. The replacement of labor starts at the TR-DE NT rehanger, which automatically transfers the products from the defeathering line to the evisceration shackles. Vent cutting and abdominal opening are also done automatically with Marel’s VC-16 and VO-20, followed of course by the Nuova automatic eviscerator. Since neck skin inspection is one of the hardest manual jobs after evisceration itself, Zhonghong Sanrong decided to automate this process too with Marel’s NIC. Besides saving labor, quality and quantity benefit too from the automation. Machines don’t get tired, operations are done consistently and at speed, even towards the end of a shift.

VC 20 RS2

Guaranteeing hygiene

Ensuring hygiene and food safety is a top priority for Zhonghong Sanrong. The company relies on the Nuova evisceration line to achieve this goal. That’s because this cutting-edge technology ensures a clean and efficient process, minimizing damage to the internal viscera pack and the carcass. The immediate separation of the viscera pack from the carcass and the rehanging of packs to their own shackle are the ultimate solutions to prevent cross-contamination. Products cannot touch one another, a risk when products are eviscerated manually. As a result, Zhonghong Sanrong can maintain the highest hygiene and food safety standards throughout its production process.

Maximum yield

By positioning product very carefully and precisely in the carousel units, Marel has succeeded in meeting Zhonghong Sanrong’s requirement for getting the highest possible yields from flocks of varying weights. Precise positioning enables the Nuova eviscerator to adapt to the size of the chicken being processed. Complete quick and precise removal of the viscera pack is the result. Another request from Zhonghong Sanrong was to have maximum giblet yield. From Vent Cutter and Opening Machine up to the Nuova eviscerator, every piece of equipment performs its cutting and extracting operations with the greatest care. Marel Nuova evisceration systems have been specifically designed to handle large variations in flock weight. They can be set accurately to the size and type of broiler being processed, thereby avoiding damage to intestines and abdominal fat, and ensuring the highest possible yield.

Sanrong Tangshan Factory

About Zhonghong Sanrong

The Zhonghong Sanrong project has been established by Zhonghong Pulinxin Group and Xiamen Guomao Holdings Group, a Fortune 500 company. Both companies are joint investors. It is an eco-friendly vertical agricultural and animal husbandry integration. The group is involved in the breeding of layers, hatching of chicks, raising of broiler chickens, food processing, feed production, and import and export trade. The full industrial chain development model of broiler chickens, from farm to fork, provides countless farmers with career and wealth opportunities and provides consumers with ecologically safe food. With its seven production bases, the group has the largest production in Hebei Province. More than one billion broilers are processed annually, along with 300,000 tons of chicken meat products and 800,000 tons of feed produced. Zhonghong Sanrong was one of the first food exporting enterprises in China and is a well-known brand. Its products are sold throughout the country and exported to countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao as well as other countries and regions.

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