What to See

Marel will exhibit a wide range of equipment and software solutions that enable processors to optimize yield, throughput and product quality. Our ongoing live demonstrations feature a wide range of equipment and software solutions designed to show you how we can help you maintain top raw material quality.


Deheading integrated with advanced filleting

We have developed a new salmon deheader that measures each fish and adjusts the precision cutting tools accordingly, also cutting off the tail so that the salmon exits the machine ready for filleting. The MS 2730 filleting machine incorporates back and belly trimming, thus further reducing the need for manual trimming. This combination of deheading and filleting delivers outstanding results in throughput, yield and fillet quality. Read more

High volume pinboning

Economical, robust and easy to operate, our MS 2612 single-lane pinbone remover ensures maximum yield and product quality at up to 18 fillets/min, thanks to its adjustable conveyor and roller speed. Read more


By operating head first, the MS 1355 Single Lane Salmon Skinner greatly reduces manual handling and helps maintain the best raw material quality possible in the skinning process. The skinner is designed to fit well into small to medium sized operations as well as to serve as an additional skinner in larger operations. Read more


We are exhibiting three high performance salmon slicers in Brussels this year:

The flexible SC 250 MA multi-angle slicer produces a wide range of salmon products at very high speed. The cutting angle range spans from 10°-68°, enabling D-cut slices, sushi slices, bacon cuts, raw salmon portions and hot smoked salmon. The slicer can now automatically space out the slices or portions, making handling easier at the packing line.

The MSC 90 is the third generation of our silk cut multi-angle series. It slices at up to 90 cuts per minute and is designed to suit most slicing applications for fresh slicing and portioning of cold smoked, hot-smoked, marinated and raw salmon, as well as trout and similar species.

Our I-Slice 3300 retail pack slicer combines the latest technology in scanning with pre-weighing the fillets, to achieve very high accuracy in the final product. This is our most advanced slicer with a high level of automation that enables slices to be batched and placed on boards, trays or directly on the conveyor belt. Read More


Pinbone removal

We are exhibiting a FleXicut line with a new pre-trim solution and an updated product distribution system. The FleXicut water-jet cutter with high-precision bone detection removes pinbones in whitefish. The automation of the bone removal process is transforming the whitefish industry as it reduces the need for skilled labor while greatly improving product handling and yield. The new pre-trim line further automates this previously manual labor-intensive process, while the FleXisort product distribution system automatically allocates each of the various outputs to different packing lines. Read More

Bone detection with re-inspection

Bone detection with SensorX is much more reliable and consistent than manual inspection. The advanced technology provides unprecedented automatic bone detection capabilities. As well as keeping consumers happy and safe, higher quality means higher value and can lead to new product possibilities. Read More


The SmartLine Grader is fast and accurate, with superb hygiene and serviceability. It has an IP69K rating and can be stripped down and reassembled in seconds. Its unique open frame design and minimal horizontal surfaces ensure maximum hygiene during wash-down. With its complete modular design, the SmartLine can be configured to meet your grading needs. Read More


The TargetBatcher is the easy way to reduce giveaway, gently combining a pre-determined number of fresh, frozen, or glazed products into a package of exact weight. The TargetBatcher enables you to raise efficiency and productivity, and create more consistent batches. Read More

Portion cutting

We specifically developed the I-Cut 130 PortionCutter to enable processors to keep pace with the constantly escalating demands from retail and food service customers. It is the ideal solution for cutting fresh, boneless fish into portions of fixed weight and/or fixed length. The numerous innovative cutting patterns and features combine to maximize raw material utilization and profits. Read More

End of line

Linerless labeling

Our brand new M360 labeler gives your product an advantage by packing a punch on the retail shelf. Wraparound labels make it easy to brand products with plenty of space to communicate essential product information and comply with food-labeling regulations. This high-speed wraparound linerless labeler is designed for all popular tray sizes and is ideally suited for skin packs. Read More


The MCheck 2 combines a high level of accuracy with flexibility and capacity, with approval for process and end of line applications. The checkweigher can monitor and optimize the accuracy of processing equipment, and ensure compliance with weight legislation across a wide range of products. Read More


Step into your future office

Innova Food Processing Software covers the most important manufacturing execution system (MES) functionality required in today’s food processing. Designed to improve productivity and reduce cycle time, Innova offers a range of modules for managing and monitoring fish production. Innova will be at the center of Marel’s stand this year, connected to most of the featured equipment, with a special focus on Finished Goods Management. Read More


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