Seafood show for the record books

Marel’s results at the Seafood Processing show in Brussels last week turned out to be much better than ever anticipated. Never before have so many sales been reported off the stand, and interest in ongoing talks broke all records.

Over the course of the three-day show, Marel´s sales professionals and product specialists held meetings with past and potential customers from around the world.

Competitive edge
In addition to designing and manufacturing best-quality food processing machinery and equipment, Marel has strong competitive advantages:

  • A truly worldwide Sales and Service network that manages local customer needs fast and efficiently.
  • Innova production management software that can control any or all production processes, while providing real-time integrated feedback and the capability of making processing changes from remote locations.

As one customer said during the show, “We didn’t just buy a machine – we bought a processing concept.”

We couldn’t have said it better.