Seafood ShowHow Seattle

Join us in Seattle for a four-day event with live demonstrations of our fish processing equipment and systems.

From 14 to 19 November (excluding the weekend), our advanced equipment and customized integrated systems for processing salmon and whitefish, both onboard and ashore, will be in the spotlight.

See first-hand how our turnkey solutions can help you raise quality, meet today’s production challenges and optimize your processing performance. Highlights include batching of frozen portions, automatic quality control scanning, a filleting machine that’s ideal for Alaska salmon, automatic pinboning and portioning for whitefish, and food processing software that enables full production control.

As well as four days of demonstrations and a speaker session on the first day of the event, members of our service team will be at hand to discuss how we provide top quality customer care, including online service that helps ensure a fast response from Marel service technicians.

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Salmon QC Scanner

Demonstrations will include:

  • FILLETING: The MS2730 salmon filleting machine with integrated back and belly trimming, makes filleting fast and easy by having fish placed belly-down at the infeed.
  • PINBONING & PORTIONING: The automation of bone removal with FleXicut raises productivity and greatly improves product handling and yield. The FleXisort product distribution system automatically allocates each of the various outputs to different packing lines.
  • PORTION CUTTING: The I-Cut 130 PortionCutter is an ideal solution for high-value portioning of salmon into fixed-weight and fixed-length portions. The I-Cut 11 PortionCutter is the ideal solution for high-value portioning into fixed-weight and fixed-length portions.
  • AUTOMATED QUALITY CONTROL – The QC Scanner (not yet released for sale) raises value, quality, and productivity by color grading fillets and automatically detecting defects such as pearl stripes and melanin or blood spots.
  • GRADING AND BATCHING: The TargetBatcher reduces giveaway, producing accurate fixed-weight batches of fresh and frozen fish products.
  • FULL PRODUCTION CONTROL: Innova Food Processing Software is an integral part of the equipment on display and we will demonstrate how the software can further add value to your production.



SMARTER PROCESSING: With a special focus on wild and farmed salmon.


DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE FISH INDUSTRY: The benefits of using Marel’s Innova Food Processing Software for full quality, traceability and production control.


Open house event

The showhow is a great opportunity to meet with Marel specialists and seafood industry colleagues, and will include Happy Hour on Friday the 16th, from 4:30pm.

The Pacific Marine Expo this year is from 18 to 20 November, so visitors can attend both events.

We look forward to welcoming you to our facility.

More information about the event

The event takes place at Marel's facility at West Garfield Terminal 91* Bldg A-1, Seattle WA 98119. Please note that you need government issued picture ID to enter Port of Seattle at Pier 91.

For further information, please contact or phone: (206) 781-1827. #SeafoodSH


Seafood ShowHow Seattle


Start date:
14 Nov 2018

End date:
19 Nov 2018

Seattle, USA