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Charmfre - 35,000 bph Greenfield!

02 Aug 2013

In South Korea near Buan, CharmFre is implementing a huge greenfield project complete with Marel Stork Poultry Processing equipment. There are four high capacity processing lines under one roof for the primary and secondary processing of different types of poultry. Total maximum throughput is more than 35,000 bph (585 bpm), including ducks. The CharmFre greenfield project is a new benchmark for East Asia and is truly a show plant at a global level.

This project has everything a large scale project should have. Marel Stork Poultry Processing has managed to successfully integrate the best new proven technologies for processing various types of poultry such as broilers, tiny ‘Spring Chicken’, ‘Country Chicken’, parent stock, laying hens and ducks. The specific technologies Marel Stork Poultry has been developing over the last 4 decades for the different types of poultry can now prove their strength together. For Charmfre, the processing lines have been designed for the highest processing capacities. The duck processing line can process up to 6,000 ducks per hour (100 bpm) in-line, which at this moment is unique in the whole poultry processing industry.

With this huge greenfield project Charmfre has opted for quality, efficiency and hygiene at the highest levels. The Company strives to offer only the very best quality products to the market.

One integrated solution

The Charmfre project consists entirely of Marel Stork solutions from supply of the live birds, kill and evisceration lines, the different chilling concepts, selection, cut-up and deboning lines, including automatic grading, batching, bone detection, labeling and distribution. The plant-wide production process and the warehouse management system are controlled and monitored by PDS-NT and Innova, including integrated flock tracking and tracing.

Specific containers

For this project Marel Stork has come up with different solutions specific to the market. One example is the Stork GP live bird handling system. Marel Stork has introduced a new type of GP-container, specifically designed for the smaller type of trucks you typically find in South Korea and other Asian markets. It allows full use of the maximum load area expressed in square meters per truck allowed by current quality and animal welfare standards.

The entire live bird handling system is unique in its design and size: all four production lines bring their containers automatically to a fully automated cleaning and disinfection system. The Stork GP Live Bird Handling system will enable Charmfre to improve conditions for catching and transporting live birds, at the same time improving end product quality.

Specific product requirements

Another example of a solution specific to the market is the combination of scalding and chilling technology. This is set up to meet specific South Korean product presentation requirements. The combination of Multiphase Controlled Atmosphere Stunning, RapidRigor electro stimulation and maturation chilling prepares meat for optimum tenderness.

Nuova: perfect for ‘Spring chicken’

The dedicated processing line for processing ‘Spring chicken’ and ‘Country chicken’ is equipped with the Nuova evisceration system, the only automatic evisceration system giving excellent processing yields when handling not just these very light birds, but also heavier parent stock. The Stork Nuova evisceration system has proven itself daily over many years in the factories of the best South Korean poultry processors.

Duck processing at the highest level

With ducks perfect breast skin presentation is essential. The feathers should be completely removed, but the skin must not be damaged. For Charmfre Marel Stork supplied a compact, fully enclosed and fully in-line double wax system. A combination of specially developed duck pluckers and evisceration modules gives a duck processing capacity of 6,000 ducks per hour (100 bpm), currently the highest in the industry, as are yields and automation levels too. Ducks are chilled in-line and distributed automatically based on weight.

Grading, batching and more

Automated solutions have been integrated into the different processing lines, examples being fixed weight batching, the weighing and packing of whole products, cut-up products, fillet products and other boneless products (whether trimmed or not), giblets and feet as well as tray, bag or bulk packaging. Using a barcode system, products are distributed correctly and finally handed over to Charmfre’s fully robotized palletizing system.

The integrated (semi) automatic batching and weighing solutions reduce giveaway and simplify the tasks for the operators. Product flows are optimized. Furthermore, management has complete oversight of production speeds, product flows and the quality of work, such as trimming being done by operators.

More added value

In the secondary process different products are checked for bone and other foreign materials using SensorX. These are trimmed where necessary. After being packed several products are scanned again with a metal detector. For Charmfre the highest product safety is essential. A safe product is a valuable product. In the further process Charmfre uses the well-known Marel Townsend RevoPortioner to produce all kinds of end products.

Everything under control

It is clear that this huge processing plant deserved an optimal software solution to support the whole production process, analyze and plan production, and to monitor the state of the equipment. At about 120 points in the whole process, data is collected and processed by Marel Stork in-plant PDS-NT & Innova software. The entire production process, from live bird supply to the storage of finished products is controlled, monitored and optimized.

Based on the quality and weight of each product production can be monitored and controlled. Product streams are fully traceable. From the production site there is a link to the fully automated pallet storage system for end products.

Furthermore, the equipment monitoring module allows the performance of a number of processing modules to be displayed and analyzed in real time. A log and database prompts when (preventive) maintenance is due. This enables modules to be kept in optimal condition and contributes to optimum uptime and plant yield.

Other facilities

Charmfre has over 17 Ha of land available for the greenfield project. The whole processing complex covers approximately 10 Ha. From a glass gallery, large parts of the process are visible. It is part of Charmfre’s philosophy to show visitors openly how their products are being made. There is a large workshop located centrally and close to all 4 lines, making for quick reaction times and maintenance. The building has been designed with the help of the world wide experience Marel Stork has in building greenfield projects. Waste water treatment and rendering are carried out near the processing plant.

Near the headquarters you can also find an apartment building for employees, various facilities for sports, including football and tennis courts. Everywhere Charmfre has opted for a high finish using the best durable natural materials.

With this huge greenfield project, Charmfre has opted for quality, efficiency and hygiene at the highest levels. The Company strives to offer only the very best quality products to the market.

With the expansion of its activities Charmfre again confirms its position as one of South Korea’s poultry processing elite. Marel Stork is proud and grateful that it could contribute to the realization of this great high end poultry processing project.

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