Customer Story

ESBRO - First 13,500 bph Plant in NL

17 May 2013

Growing volume and quality at its old site was no longer an option for Esbro BV in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. With his completely new 13,500 bph (225 bpm) broiler processing plant, owner Joop Eskes can now stay ahead in the coming years. For the time being, the new plant will concentrate on primary and secondary processing up to and including cut-up. Eskes does not, however, exclude going into further processing on his own account at some time in the future.

Joop Eskes, owner of Esbro B.V., the Netherlands
Joop Eskes, owner of Esbro B.V., speaks about his excellent relationship with Stork Poultry Processing

But things are not that far yet. Joop Eskes explains: “First, I want to see how the market develops, how the market grows. In any case, I have prepared myself well, both as far as space is concerned with the new premises and in the choice of equipment for the new site. Everything has been prepared to produce top quality tender fresh products. I have gone for the combination of the latest version of the GP live bird handling system together with the CAS Multiphase stunning system, AeroScalder for scalding and RapidRigor.
Chilling is Downflow “Plus”, which gives us minimal dry-out, whilst enabling us to make a nice dry product for the fresh market. As far as chilling capacity is concerned, I have sufficient to be able eventually to put in place a complete maturation chilling installation. Taken together, this is a first-class basis for producing all kinds of quality products.”

There is only one color for me and that is blue. But joking apart, Marel Stork is in my opinion the only company which doesn’t only make machines but also keeps on improving concepts.

- Joop Eskes – Owner Esbro

“AeroScalder – good for the Halal market”

On other fronts too Joop Eskes has made clear choices. He is the first in the Netherlands to use the AeroScalder for scalding. Eskes says: “I want to be different from the rest. I have always tried to do this and AeroScalder is another example. I estimate that approximately half the processing plants in the Netherlands are certified for Halal. This is an important market for us too.”
“The fact that we have opted for AeroScalder will for sure be a plus for my customers who supply the Halal trade. I can offer products which have not been immersed and which therefore look better visually at this stage in the process. It is of course also positive that I will have hardly any cross-contamination in the scalding process.”


Just as in most other countries, increasing attention is being paid to animal welfare in the Netherlands. Joop Eskes too recognizes that. Some years ago, working together with the retail market, he chose to bring a new concept chicken to the market, the ‘Gilde bird’. Eskes explains: “The Gilde bird grows more slowly, gets a different type of feed and results after some 10 weeks in a first-class product. It is not a free-range bird, but it is a fact that the animal has had a different life and therefore also tastes different. When you combine that with CAS stunning, then I think as a poultry processor you have prepared yourself well for ever stricter regulations and for demand from the customer. Otherwise, in my opinion, by far the largest part of production will continue to consist of normal broilers.”

The new 13,500 bph Esbro greenfield plant

Choosing the best

In preparing his new premises Joop Eskes has been visiting different poultry processing colleagues in Europe. “I am really happy we have got the possibility via Marel Stork of visiting colleagues directly and openly. This way you get the best ideas and, along with my own plans, together you come to a good result.

The new Esbro has therefore been designed so that all distances are short and that everything is well-ordered and quick for my staff to reach. We have also gone for the strict separation of “clean” and “dirty” processes. We also got new ideas for walk-on ceilings and the smooth concrete walls.”

“Marel Stork keeps on developing”

To the question why he chose Marel Stork once again as his preferred supplier, Joop Eskes laughs. “You’re asking the wrong person. There is only one color for me and that is blue. But joking apart, in my opinion Marel Stork is the only company which doesn’t just make machines but also keeps on improving concepts.
What is more, concepts or parts of the process are well tuned to one another. From GP to fillet everything is coupled and tuned perfectly to everything else. Not only as far as machines are concerned, but also information! Marel Stork machines are good and give a first-class yield even at the highest achievable speeds. That is well-known. I will get attractive, clean and safe end products. That is ultimately what it’s all about.”

More about Esbro

Esbro is a completely independent family business which started up some 40 years ago. In the middle of the eighties the Company invested strongly in the production of fresh products. Because of the growth of both Doetinchem as well as Esbro, in the nineties location became slowly a bigger problem. From 2006 plans for eventual new building became ever more concrete. Finally, beside the motorway and well away from Doetinchem’s residential areas, there is now a hypermodern complex, where everything happens on the premises.
This combined with the most modern air scrubbers and the colorful industrial design gives hardly any hint of the realization of the largest and most modern greenfield project the Netherlands has ever known.

Poultry processor ESBRO B.V., the NetherlandsAt the start Esbro will be processing some 100,000 broilers per day, moving quickly to 120,000. Eskes expects natural growth within the first year to 150,000 broilers per day. With this he wants to lay the foundations for an eventual extension of his activities.