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Higher quality standards for Indrol

02 Feb 2018

Marel Poultry upgrades leading Polish turkey processor

Poland, already the largest broiler producer in the European Union, is now the fourth largest processor of turkeys behind Germany, France and Italy. For Polish turkey producers the story does not stop here; the sector has ambitious plans for the future. Marel Poultry has established a firm foothold in the turkey sector. Its latest installation is at the Indrol processing plant.

Turkey processing at Indrol, Poland

A complete range of Marel Poultry’s advanced and innovative turkey processing equipment has been installed at the Grodzisk Wielkopolski processing plant of Indrol, one of Poland’s leading high volume turkey processors.

Mr Pawel Waligorski, Owner of Indrol, comments, “At Indrol we were looking to increase hourly throughputs to allow us to keep up with increased demand. At the same time we wanted to improve our overall operating efficiency and, most importantly, offer our customers even higher quality standards.”


Marel Poultry was asked to supply a full-scale evisceration installation and the overhead conveyor system for the first shock phase of a two stage air chilling system. Indrol processes male turkeys of an average live weight of 20kg (44lbs) and females of an average live weight of 10kg (22 lbs). The new automatic evisceration line needed to be capable of increasing hourly capacity from 1,800 to 2,500 females per hour, while also allowing up to 1,200 males per hour to be handled.


The new evisceration system comprises carousel machines for venting, opening, evisceration, neck flap inspection, neck cracking and removal, final inspection and inside/outside washing. The three point suspension system brings eviscerated carcasses into the correct position for manual giblet harvesting, preventing contact between the drawn viscera pack and the back of the carcass.


Mr Waligorski continues, “We are really delighted with our new evisceration system. Not only have we been able to increase our hourly throughput by 50%, we have been able to do this without adding any labor. Our process is now also much more hygienic”.

The viscera pack is drawn cleanly from the carcass. The neck flap is cleaned automatically and the final inspection and inside/outside wash machines ensure a carcass free of unwanted debris and thoroughly washed both inside and out. A new vacuum transport system transfers heads and feet cleanly from the evisceration department.


The new evisceration system has been installed as an extension to Indrol’s killing and plucking line, which now boasts a Stork overhead conveyor system whose drive units are controlled by the tried and tested Stork ATC (Active Tension Control) system. ATC is particularly useful where conveyor systems are long and where heavy products are transported, both the case at Indrol.


SmartWeigher at Polish turkey processor Indrol

The project also included the installation of a new “shock” chiller to bring carcasses down to the desired core temperature in about sixty minutes, which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. For this chiller Marel Poultry was asked to supply the overhead conveyor system, automatic unloading stations and a SmartWeigher unit, worldwide the first of its kind in a turkey processing plant.

Besides enhancing product quality, Indrol also wanted to optimize both overall operating efficiency and customer service. It is here that SmartWeigher plays its crucial role. Eviscerated products are rehung manually to the overhead conveyor of the shock chill line, after which they enter the SmartWeigher unit, installed ahead of the shock chiller itself.


Mr Waligorski comments, “Because of the SmartWeigher we now have a day’s notice of every product’s weight entering our chilling system. This is a huge help to us in ensuring that we always meet our customers’ orders accurately and on time. We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have built up with our customers. This is a top priority for all of us at Indrol.”

SmartWeigher allows Indrol to keep a close check on any yield loss during the chilling process and take any corrective action necessary. This overhead conveyor system also has ATC. Three programmable unloading stations distribute shock chilled turkeys to three manual rehang points to the second stage air chiller.


Mr Waligorski concludes. “For us it was crucial that all equipment was installed over a long holiday weekend at the beginning of May this year. Marel Poultry assured us that they could do it.

They were true to their word; the equipment started up on time on May 6th. Since then performance of the equipment has been as we would have expected. So far, we are very satisfied”.


Indrol was founded in 1991 by Maciej Siejek and Przemyslaw Waligorski and remains a family business. It is one of Poland’s major turkey processors and sells its products both at home and abroad. With some growing farms of its own, Indrol works closely with local growers from the “Zachodnie Fermy” group.

Indrol turkey processing plant, Grodzisk, Poland

The company has three plants giving a total production area of 20,000 m² (215,278 ft²). It produces and packs a wide range of fresh and frozen products from turkeys slaughtered at its Grodzisk Wielkopolski processing plant. It employs 600 people at its three sites.

Indrol’s comprehensive product range includes whole turkeys, turkey portions, various deboned breast and thigh meat products, turkey mince, meatballs, burgers, turkey rolls, marinated schnitzels and a tasty selection of turkey roasts. The company supplies retail supermarket chains, wholesalers as well as food service and catering outlets.

Indrol’s focus is on sustainability, food safety and quality. Indrol’s firm commitment to quality is evidenced by QAFP (Polish), QS (Germany), BRC and IFS (international) certification. Indrol is also Halal certified.